Uganda does not have a functioning Economic System

Uganda has very few organisations that are perfectly run as cooperate bodies. Some offices today, are just small village meeting places; a fridge here, plates and teapots there.Let us look at the basic parameters.

1.Uganda has about 15-17 million people in the working age. These are people who can be in gainful employment if the opportunities were there.

2.Majority workers today do not get their salaries and wages regularly – most are paid after three – six month against the labour laws. MPs, ministers and the repressive arm of the state get theirs regularly. And Money is stolen from state house not once but twice!?? Typical.

3.98 percent of Ugandans do not have a medical insurance

4.100% of school going children do not get launch at school after NRM scraped school food! How this impacts on agriculture production and children potential to learn, it is only NRM that knows.

5.Out of the working population – very few people have a job contract against the Labour Laws.

6.Very few workers get their salaries into their bank accounts and why this has not been enforced is still a mystery.

7.Umeme has about 600’000 registered users out of the approximate population of 16 million adult workers. This is very depressing YET Uganda has National Housing Construction Corporation located and working in Kampala read Uganda.

8.How many people are connected with a landline to Uganda Telecom in their homes? This figure must be very lower than Umeme figure. UTL was donated to Gaddafi by NRM YET the Uganda police, health facilities, and many schools have no single public phone access!

7.The public sector worker has a figure of less than 500’000 (half million) people which is 0.03 of the working population that is minus the aged and disabled adults.

8.NSSF has a registered number slightly above 450’000 account holders of workers which is less than one million. Why the number is not higher than the 500’000 (half million) public workers since NSSF has registered private companies workers is still a BIG QUESTION MARK?

You will need to correlate the above data with data from URA of PAYE – and then see a debacle. NRM has frustrated every effort to get Ugandans ID cards –

The above simply confirms a primitive economic structure that doesn’t know who a salaried work is. If you do not understand the above in fiscal terms then you are doomed. There is much more to this, as Uganda in East and Central African has the largest immigrant population. These add to the Uganda working class.

The above data implies without having at least 15 million people registered anywhere as workers, the government of Uganda can’t provide insurance, medicare, proper housing facilities, social protection to the largest portion of its population! Then African politicians laugh at Europeans – thinking Europe is collapsing when Africans are oblivious of toilet paper making technology!

Now NRM is starting student loan scheme – this will thoroughly be abused since there is no centralised education register linked to birth and death register, banks and national ID data bank. The corresponding local council is a dead end with rampant corruption. Now bringing in private tertiary institutions in the business of profit maximisations – and it becomes even more interesting.

Although I would not propose a European or an American socio-economic system since our environment is quite different I would suggest that the government gets a clear functional economic system.

This will link all Uganda’s working people to an insurance and health care policy. This too implies a Uganda will have a permanent house with amenities e.g. water, electricity, internet, radio and television link, virtual medicare facility over the internet, fridge, and a computer set or screen linked to a virtual server.

Wishful thinking – what about AK47 and fighter planes

UAH member in Luwero


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  1. Julius,

    Guyz thanks so much for ua contributions

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