I am now on Annihilation mission if Uganda is to be healed.


Comrades, brothers and sisters, fellow members of the global human family, fellow Pan Africanists, fellow Ugandans, fellow democrats, fellow Catholics, fellow Ugandans from Western Uganda, fellow Banyankore-Bakiga, fellow Banyabushenyi, fellow Ruhindans, fellow Banya Bitereko, Kanyabwanga, Kashenshero, and Kiyanga, fellow old students of Kigarama Primary School, Kigarama SSS, Kanyabwanga SSS, Bubangizi SSS, Uganda College of Commerce Kabale, Makerere University, Centre for Basic Research where we did post-graduate studies in research and writing skills; fellow human rights defenders – Foundation For Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) members, Human Rights Network (HURINET), National NGO Forum (NGO FORUM), Development Network of Voluntary Associations (DENIVA), Action Aid International -Uganda Chapter, fellow anticorruption crusaders – Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda – ACCU, Uganda Debt Network, Transparency International – Uganda chapter; fellow child rights defenders – fellow members of African Network for the Prevention and Protection of Children against abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), fellow memmbers of the umbrella body of child rights defenders – Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN), fellow members of the Pan African Club, friends of the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA), members of the BLACK Monday Movement and the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda – CCEDU, members of the media fraternity, the Uganda Law Society, the Uganda Police Force and all other well-meaning men and women of God.

I now have embarked on a journey of annihilation. I will annihilate Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) management – that is to say Livingstone Sewanyana because FHRI management means only and only Sewanyana. I will annihilate his driver Allan Semalulu (at FHRI he is called Semalalu, whatever that means), I will annihilate his nephew Elly Kasirye who is attached to the Capacity Development Division headed by a very brilliant lawyer called Alice Nassakka. I will annihilate Rose Kamuli FHRI’s Finance Manager. I will annihilate George Musiisi, attached to the FHRI Legal Services Division. I will annihilate Doreen Namyalo who has caused me all the torment I have gone through since 17th October 2013. If you ask for the details, I will give them. Let nobody lie to you that I attempted to rape Doreen Namyalo on Friday October 18. I was to sleep at Uncle Daudi’s place in Bushenyi town the previous night of Thursday 17. Let Elizabeth Nantamu and my brother January Sunday of Amnesty Commission c/o +256701647434 and +256775422343 give the details. I am not ready to go to Court on 5th December 2013 because Detective Mwesigye under the influence of DPC SP Mbaasa amended the original charge sheet where I was charged with assault and criminal trespass. On the original file the complainant was Allan Ssemalulu and the alleged crimes were allegedly committed on 4th November 2013. On the file under which I was taken to court, the alleged crime was committed on 18 October 2013. My very brilliant lawyer and Brother Asuman Basalirwa, you need to guide me on that. I will only go to Makindye Chief Magistrates Court if the trial magistrate assures me that he will dismiss the stupid charges against me and order for my compensation.

I will only report to Kabalagala Police Station to pick my Bible – the African Bible, my wallet containing my critical documents including but not limited to my Identity Card and all vital documents. I will also go back to pick my SH 50 Million which I was going with to Kyamuhunga at Shwenkuru Silver Banagura’s home to buy land in Butare or Mashonga so that my dear mother could settle. I will go to Kabalagala to pick my laptop, my passport and all academic papers which were in my bag and I was going to keep them at home in Bushenyi. Remember, these documents were recently stolen from me in Wandegeya so as to frustrate me from applying for an IDRC funded PhD at MISR under the wise leadership of Prof Mamdani. Because God gave me a scientific mind, I applied nonetheless and won a scholarship!

Now it is emerging Livingstone who is doing his PhD from Capetown South Africa is scared of me who is starting lectures on Jan 6, 2014 at Makerere University. And therefore, he has confirmed that I committed a capital offense! Imagine a person who wishes me the gallows because I ask him tough questions!

I will annihilate Paul Kihika, Tony Geoffrey Owana and Jane Kasumba of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and they know the reasons. The torment I have endured at the premises of the national broadcaster is too much to bear. I have even filed a complaint to UHRC and nothing has been done.

I will annihilate Johnson Bahimbise former Officer in Charge Station at Kampala Central Police Station when I was introduced to the hell I have endured up to this day. Imagine the torment I have gone through since April 11, 2008 to date and I am still tormented. Comrades Ssenkumbi Ibin and Simeo Muwanga Nsubuga take note. I will annihilate John Ndunguse who was the PSU commandant for doing a stupid job when I complained before PSU. I will annihilate Robert Magyezi of the Police Legal Unit who claimed was my Brother Alexander Kibandama’s classmate. I will annihilate Kabalagala’s DPC Superintendent of Police Mbaasa and his Officer in Charge Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Division -a Muslim Mukiga lady together with his Officer in Charge Station Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (C/ASP) Mugerwa. I will also annihilate another Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (C/ASP) attached to Kabalagala Police Station only identified as BRIAN.

I will annihilate Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF’s) Col Felix Kulayigye for dehumanising me from the UBC premises which are public premises by the way.
At Makerere University, I will annihilate Isaac Bakayana of the Law School for dehumanising me in class in 2011. The current third year students can give the details. I will annihilate Vincent Ekwang and Joan school of law registrar. I will also annihilate Paul Omach of the Political Science Department.

In the Red Pepper I will annihilate Johnson Taremwa for defaming me in the Red Pepper of Thursday 20, 2009 a day after I was taken to Luzira after tormenting me from Wandegeya Police Cells. I will not forget to annihilate Musinguzi who in 2009 was attached to Mak and Wandegeya Police and stole my money after shabbily brutalising me. I will annihilate Mission Samuel who was the OC Station of Makerere in 2009 and I will annihilate the woman who was used to lie that I assaulted her thereby earning me a subsequent jail sentence in Murchison Bay Prison. Isaac Egesa of Makerere can attest to that.

In the judiciary I will annihilate James Wambaya and the judge and Registra who dismissed my civil suit 52/2009. I hope I have not forgotten – if it is not 52/2009 then it is 92/2009.

I will annihilate Advocate Robert Kafuuko Ntuyo who accepted my money and messed up my case.
In the first family I will annihilate Justus Karuhanga who messed up my matter when it was being handled by state house. Justus told me to sue the state well aware that they will prevail over the judiciary to mismanage it. I will not spare you Justus.

At Uganda Human Rights Commission I will annihilate Commission Secretary Gordon Mwesigye, Florence Munyarwa, Public Affairs Manager and Roselyn Karugonjo who formerly was director for treaties, monitoring and inspection for all the torment they subjected to me for a full year and the subsequent incarceration in Luzira on no grounds. I will also not spare the gate man Caleb who was used and is now being referred to by FHRI as a police officer.

In Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU), I will annihilate my brother Crispy Kaheru for all the badmouthing he has done against me simply because he fears my brains for we have been together since 2001. I will also not spare Mary Irene Kaboole the current chair of the CCEDU advisory board for defaulting my money first, subjecting me to indignity and humiliation on top of defaulting my money and then running down CCEDU. I started CCEDU; I was arrested from Makerere University on 17th August 2009 when I had gone on a CCEDU assignment. I never witnessed its launch on the 19th August 2009 because I was still in police cells at Wandegeya from where at 3pm I was taken to KCC kangaroo court from where I was remanded to Luzira up to 3rd September by the shameless Grade II magistrate James Wambaya. By the time I came out, I found out that my suit against the government and Butabika’s Tom Onen had been dismissed on 28 August 2009 in my absence! Because God is incorruptible I annihilated Tom Onen without even a phone call. Now he is resting in eternal damnation. All the people I intend to annihilate will go to eternal damnation and I will not even use a single bullet against them. But for sure, I will annihilate them.

Of my close relatives, I will annihilate Julius Mutabazi the current LDC Guild President and my nephew Franco Tumuhimbise the current 3rd year law student at Makerere School of Law but also an officer in the URA for being uncouth and embodiments of everything evil, satanic and ugly. I will spare Sunday January because I am convinced he can learn. I will also spare IGP Kale Kayihura because he is a Mugiri like me and thus my paternal uncle. I will spare Yoweri Museveni because as a Mugahe he must be my maternal uncle. I will however, relieve Museveni and Kayihura of leadership positions. However, I will annihilate Janet Museveni, her daughters and all the people around her who claim to be Balokole. In a number of times I have been conducting studies for Professor John-Jean Barya, Mzee F. Gureeme, the father to Robinah Rwakojo has often used the analogy of a fox to refer to Janet Museveni. Mzee Gureme always remarks that like the Fox which barks from every hill, Janet Museveni backs from every hill and valley in and around Kampala, Mukono, Entebbe and Wakiso to mean that her land and houses are ubiquitous. How she gets the money, she cannot explain. Janet must die.

In the Prisons, I will annihilate Tomy Otim who caned me with his stick 500 times. In the Psychiatric Section, I will annihilate Julius Muroni of Butabika, Kirinya ward for subjecting me to 30 injections which kept me unconscious for three weeks in 2011 but also was used by my enemies to keep me on drugs for the insane when I was a convict in Murchison Bay. I will spare but punish heavily Robert Okuyat for he was under the orders of Muroni. I will spare but punish heavily David Basangwa for his role in subjecting me to police brutality in 2009 when I was on a mission to liberate Gaudence Tushabomwe. I will annihilate Grace Lubale who was the administrator at Butabika and left to join UPDF management. I will annihilate Kireka Ward In -charge Debora of Butabika. I will annihilate all the security guards in Butabika who always held me as Julius Muloni subjected me to life and health killing drugs.

I will annihilate African Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitaion of Torture Victims (ACTV), East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP) and Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) for mishandling my complaints thereby denying me justice. ACTV acknowledged Tom Onen’s stupid report which declared me insane. FHRI ignored my file and East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defender’s Project Tabitha ignored my case emphatically insisting FHRI is fully in control. Remember I had been referred to Tabitha by FAHAMU, Frontline Defenders and Amnesty Commission. At home in Bitereko, I will annihilate Bagwagye’s son Naboth for stealing my motor bike yet I had helped him so much.

In the loud-mouthed so-called activists, I will annihilate David Zac Niringiye, Cissy Kagaba, HURINET’S Patrick Tumwine and I will punish people such Richard Sewakiryanga, Godber W. Tumushabe and Arthur Bainomugisha. I will also look for Judy of Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU) and annihilate is she is still using donor funds. I will also annihilate NOTU leadership and I will annihilate Nordic Consulting Group if Allen Asiimwe and Beatrice are still there.

I will not spare the speaker of Parliament Right Honourable Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga. In 2009 I personally submitted a petition which can be accessed on the website of Ugandans At Heart, she ignored it. I was to be served a jail sentence because I opposed fees increment and wrote a letter to President Museveni which can be accessed online also on this site http://www.africanexecutive.com/modules/magazine/article_print.php?. In 2011, when I attempted to re-submit the same petition, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi blocked us. The right honourable Kadaga knows quite well that university education is now a preserve of the rich, she knows well that the practice in Uganda contravenes section 2 of the Universities and Tertiary Institutions Act but she continues to keep silent. The human rights committee of Parliament chaired by my area district woman MP Jovah Kamateka is impotent. Yet people say Kadaga should be our president! In my view, she is not even fit to be a Member of Parliament.

I will also politically annihilate Major General Kahinda Otafiire who has led Ruhinda, our county since 1994 and there is nothing to show for it. I am ready to represent my county Ruhinda on the Democratic Party Ticket whose principles are truth and justice. I am being scared that Otafiire will rig the election. Let him attempt to do it when we are in the race together. I will call all my supporters in Bubangizi SSS play ground and we conduct a head count. Others will assemble in Kamabare Open Market, others in Kirambi open market, Ikona and Rwenkuriju and all the open grounds. I will use Otafiire’s money for I will deploy my agents in his camp to pick money and tricks. If we are to have elections in 2016 which is highly unlikely, the Ruhinda County seat is for Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba, Democratic Party diehard to win.

Finally, as a fighter I know I have spread the frontline and opened so many wars at the same time. But I am happy, I will win. I am the biblical David and all my enemies are Goliaths. I want justice or death. But if I am denied justice nobody else will get it. Norbert Mao, Rugaba Hussein Kashillingi, Nicholas Opiyo, Asuman Basalirwa and senior human rights advocate Ladislaus Kiiza Rwakafuuzi take note. At least, I will not commit suicide. Not when the Democratic Party is on the verge of capturing political power. I have chosen this line because dialogue has been overly frustrated and I learnt while studying about revolutionary violence that “Dawa ya moto ni moto” (the antidote for fire is fire).

Franz Fanon says colonialism is by nature violence and can only yield if confronted by greater violence. Likewise impunity, dishonesty, pretence and hypocrisy and necessarily synonymous with violence and we must use the same means they use against me if I am to have justice. At least the entire world now knows. There cannot be resurrection without death. Museveni and Sewanyana and his ilk have killed me several times and I have had multiple resurrections. Accordingly, it is not my turn to die. It is the turn of those whose souls died before their bodies to have their bodies dead also so that we can have real paradise here on the Ugandan soil. This annihilation mission is a fulfillment of my Grand Mother Susanna Kirakwende’s (RIP) prophecy of the January 26, 1986 when she told my uncle Gervase Muhumuza a.k.a Karuhinda that once a Muhima captures power he will not leave easily adding that if Democratic Party never captures power, peace, development and justice will continue to delude Uganda. Uganda is God’s chosen country. God has heard the cries of His people and has come to their rescue through the humble, poor Vincent Nuwagaba. May God’s name always be praised. Glory be to the Father, and to the son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen

Mr Vincent Nuwagaba is a PhD Fellow for the January 2014 intake at the Makerere Institute of Social Research, a human rights defender, a researcher and life member of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative.
Contact him via vnuwagaba@gmail.com or cell phone +256702843552


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  1. jb wod awili,

    This is a pig head, if some one talk of healing the wound which has been there for so long and yet the Northerners are being singled out from the theme of healing then this is all rubbush.

  2. Ekijja Omanyi,

    all may have, if they dare try a glorious life or grave

  3. Great items from you, man. I have take note your stuff prior to and you’re
    just extremely magnificent. I actually like what you have bought right here,
    really like what you’re saying and the best way wherein you are saying it.
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