Its time Uganda to start the National Reconciliation than fighting each other

By Peter Marco.

For many years Uganda has been on the foot side of many things without and well organised structure to develop and to achieve for its people due to infighting.

The vision of Democracy and Freedom can be hijacked due to lack of National Unity and Reconciliation among people. Uganda must buy a leaf from Egypt where the wish to have the first free elected leader was overpower due to lack of National Unity among different people with different agenda and opinion on how a country can be run.

If the Pro Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood had Egypt on their heart they would have left peace to fall as a river and unite for the good of Egypt. But they took themselves first than the Country where civilisation began; they have caused more harm than good in the beautiful land of Pharaoh and the great founders of democracy.

Back to Uganda where tear gas is the order of the day where Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Kaweesi and Sam Omara are running battles with Besigye, Lukwago, Ingrid,Black Monday group, Bishop Zac, Muyangwa , Mwijukye ,UYD, Nkoba za Mbogo, FDC,UPC, Subbi and other pressure groups in Uganda.
The solution will never be an eye for an eye because it will not work; one Man said that eye to eye will leave the World blind. We got a lot at stack and a big mountain to climb than running around Kampala Business Park chasing each other, fighting and disturbing our people who are just going on with their daily business. The solution must be to reconcile, work together, unite, listen to each other, respect each other, talk and we will find the answer.

Tear gas cost more than the clean hospitals that Ugandans want, good schools, roads, fighting diseases, creates jobs for the youth and promoting agriculture, so much are we ready to spend on it without productive growth it.
You can say that the government has done something to bring people together but it’s too little and not enough because the office of Political Commissar, Political Mobilisation and Ministry of national guidance must do more to reach out to people and the opposition to be on the forefront in some decisions that are being made because even them they represent people in their capacity.
I suggest that National Reconciliation Council to be set up to bring different functions together for a better Uganda and to debate issues that are of National interest. This Council must include all people and must be functioning in the way that our people can see peace and unity than Omara with his tear gas.

When I was listening to Frank-Gashumba after visiting the President he stated that the President is not told what’s going on and sometime is being misled by people near him with their own interest.

But we cannot continue fighting each other while we do have a lot to do and future of your country and the young generation to think about. Let’s address the issue on National Unity by putting Political, Tribal, Culture, Religious difference aside for a better Uganda.
We can talk to each other to find the common solution for a common problem and other challenges that we face because we cannot run or shy away from.

Our neighbour the DRC have announce the reconciliation programme where Former Presidents body can return in order for them to work together for the growth of their country, why not Uganda let’s stop the infighting and tear gas to try to talk to each other to achieve our goals and ambition.
Let’s listen to the Opposition, Pressure groups, Religious leaders, Cultural leaders and other people with views and ideals that can build the country than chasing each other and running battles in Kampala and other parts of the country.

When we are united we will encourage foreign investor, tourist, create more jobs, visitors and increase on peoples income in their household.

If Lord Mayor Lukwago can work with President Museveni and Besigye why not for the benefit of Ugandans and the country at large let it be. It’s better than the revenue that we loss every day in battles and fighting in Kampala

By Peter Marco.

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