Mr. Rwakakamba statement on Lukwago is wanting!

You may have read Mr. Rwakakamba statement. I sincerely believe he is adequately ignorant and I would therefore reluctantly offer him some free information to save him further embarrassment.

1: The application by Mr. Lukwago before the Registrar was not exparte. The Attorney General was represented. Of course Mr. Rwakakamba thinks the Attorney General is only limited to Mr. Peter Nyombi. Not at all. It stretches to any officer duly nominated to represent the Attorney General in court. Court minuted the presence of the Attorney General.

2: According to our Drone intelligence intercepts, the Attorney General Officer was being directed by a one Mr. Kiryowa. The Drones monitored Mr Kiryowa send Madam Musiisi a what’s up message that “they have got a the order, we are finished” to which Madam Musiisi replied via whats up, “don’t worry I will handle”

3: The strategy then was to seal the KCCA premises to forestall the court order service, and then argue your situation, ie you were served after the process of impeachment. That strategy was a fiasco.

4: According to intelligence intercepts by our Drones deployed at KCCA, Lukwagos lawyer informed police he was going to attend court at the KCCA court and used that cover to access madam Musiisi ‘s office. He served the secretary who went in to consult Madam Musiisi. That sent in panic and could possibly explain why the whole situation turned chaotic, for Madam Musiisi wondered how the court order had accessed her office.

5; You don’t need to issue a receipt as an acknowledgment of service. Not at all. The court order serve only needs to swear an affidavit as prove of service and that is sufficient.

6: Hon Frank Tumwebaze argues on how one would pay court fees before the opening of banks. You now can pay taxes on mobile money and the facility is operational 24 hours a day.

7; Hon Frank Tumwebaze also wonders how court would be open by 0800am. Court has handled election petitions late in the evening. Is there a law that bars court being that early? Is there any law that nullifies court decisions on account of doing business that early? And what was the Attorney Generals officer doing there that early? Your argument would have held water if you had been denied representation on the basis of failing to be in court by late coming. You were as vigilant as court. You were all early in court and keep that spirit. That is the NRM spirit. The “spirit of Vigilance”. Mr. Rwakakamba could be alien to this.

8: Court is final in determining whether the process was lawful or a nullity. Court has duly pronounced itself. That is final. The Attorney General’s opinion doesn’t bind court. I suggest you obey court so as to reduce tension. Any other pedestrian path you may wish to take my exacerbate the situation, result in unnecessary loss of lives to your detriment.

9: The earlier you adopt to the court process the better, for after the expirely of two weeks, Lukwago will be un- impeachable. This is the argument you should have with due diligence put before court and invited court to examine the fate of the councilors’ right to impeach the Lord Mayor if Court facilitated the expiry of the two weeks before the impeachment. The Lukwago cause has been legitimized by court and your resort to the use of or threat of use of force will culminate into a total disaster and with catastrophic results. Sober down so that our critics will not have their laugh that when power was given to young ones, they got excited and abused it. Over to you, Rwakakamba and Hon Frank Tumwebaze


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