In his efforts to marshal support for his version of Uganda’s liberation, Gen David Sejusa has allegedly revealed how his NRM party and NRM government stole Dr. Besigye’s electoral victory in 2006. See below…

“In a video released on Youtube yesterday, Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) General David Sejusa has disclosed that Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Kizza Besigye won the elections of 2006 by 69%.Sejusa who was speaking at a Freedom and Unity Front Uganda meeting said “we had our own electoral commission of intelligence at Basiima House.All results from the electoral commission passed through our electoral commission and it is our own results that we would push to the National Electoral Commission.”

By 2006 elections, the headquarters of UPDF Military Intelligence was at Yusufu Lule (Kittante) rd, near Mulago Hospital.

Basiima House had been headquarters for the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) of the National Resistance Army (NRA) and if I am not mistaken the last director to sit there was Brig. Fred Toolit. It was handed back to its grateful owners – Buganda – who put it to more fruitful use.

By 2000 Basiima was in Buganda hands. Could Buganda have hired it to Gen Tinyefuza for his election-thieving operation against Dr. Besigye who was his bestman at Tinye’s wedding? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

In 2006 I think the Chief of Military Intelligence was the late Brig. Noble Mayombo, then a colonel.

It is everyone’s legitimate right to oppose Museveni and the NRM but when lying goes beyond the logical extreme (if there is one) the liar will not survive the sheer ludicrousness.

It may be true that Tinyefuza (not Sejusa) actually managed the theft of Besigye’s victory. But before they take President Museveni to court let them get the venue correctly. Mengo could not have permitted them to do that at Basiima unless Tinye and his troops had temporarily recaptured it for election-thieving!

The only way forward for Sejusa’s vote-theft case is to change the venue away from Basiima House in 2006.

The other lies will then become more acceptable to those who have been struck dumb by the ineptitude of Okello’s so-called spy-master.

If Sejusa relocates the Rigging Office at parliament or ISO or ESO headquarters the debate will continue smoothly. As of now….hmmm! Even Prof Amii Otunnu and Dr Magombe must be bamboozled.

Meanwhile Mulindwa Muwonge of STAR FM says this lends weight to the claim that Sejusa is an exported NRM mole.Several months ago I predicted that Gen Sejusa would go to great lengths in the quest for acceptability by the exiled community. He has to convince them that Sejusa is not Tinyefuza. And this gaffe of ‘Basiima Secret Electoral Commission in 2006’ is just the beginning.

Hearing adjourned.

Tony Owana



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  1. Yahaya Senkatuuka,

    Yes, he is speaking with a high pitched tone if dissidence. But you guys and all of us who are being duped should know that what he (Sejusa) utters out is what he is told to tell us so to render it credibility to his lies. Museveni is not ashamed to use people like Sejusa to say anything about him, because that is what he is essentially BUT wants to gauge our mood and reaction. This misjudgement of telling us that the election results of 2006 were doctored in Basiima House has revealed more than what he thought he would conceal. You and I know that lies never follow a similar pattern. We as Ugandans should rather look at our potentials by using the ideals of people like late Sam Njuba, Besigye, Ssemogerere ( the former Katikiro of Buganda), Muntu and many others to plot our a change in Uganda, and necessarily it must be a violent one. Because Museveni is not ready to leave power without putting up a stiff show using his brother and son and the Special Force which is a personal army. So brace yourselves for that BUT not the lies of Tinyefuuza.

  2. Ssebowa,

    Mengo does rent out Basiima house. Qtn for Owana. If you have rental houses, do you know what your tenants do at night?

  3. Kibuuka kasolo,

    I thought the good old general is brighter than telling uncoordinated lies!

  4. A lie needs another lie to stand until such a time that the whole collapses on its own sheer weight. Then there is nothing but exposure. Waiting for the last straw which broke the camel’s back..

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