Ms.Onicca Nyembezi Mothoa aged 63 born in 1947 in Atteridgeville to Sophie Majeni has come up claiming to be Madiba's loved child. Family members are disputing her claims

Ms.Onicca Nyembezi Mothoa aged 63 born in 1947 in Atteridgeville to Sophie Majeni has come up claiming to be Madiba’s loved child. Family members are disputing her claims

Unlike DRC’s Patrice Lumumba, Mandela was ready to govern. Mr. Lumumba was not ready to govern. I will send you a book reference by an eye witness whose father served in Lumumba’s regime. When I read Lumumba’s speech I could not believe it. He played into the hands of imperialism to finish him.

BTW, the same dirty mining networks then that killed the UN secretary in Congo and Lumumba are still the very ones doing harm to DRC.

People can criticize Madiba for forgiving the Boers, but it was the smart thing. Tough yes, but in hindsight it was genius.People should also bear the following: path dependence in south where structural inequality was long entrenched and it will not be reverse din 20 years. It will take time and discipline on behalf of the majority to narrow the gap. For example, produce fewer kids, delay age of first marriage, educate kids etc.

In economics, some argue that supply creates its own demands. Now South Africans are better educated so they demand better jobs. With better jobs and opportunities they demand better houses. With better houses they demand electricity and water. Also bear in mind Senator Amartya’s argument about inequality. I believe majority compare themselves to fellow Africans and many see rising inequality within the majority. We are talking about relative inequality.

Did Madiba give the majority opportunities? Absolutely? Did black majority rule improve the lives of our folks? Absolutely. Could more be done? Absolutely? There is a dilemma in South Africa, freedom means more not less choice. I hear that today’s South Africans drink more than Zambians. If true therein lies the problem.

Yes there is an element of self destruction. I will send you two book references latter. But we must think. What are we doing by letting babies have babies? This is the greatest indicator of poverty anywhere. Why are our people adamant to use safe methods of family planning? Why can’t our people too like white folks here have their cake and eat it too? Do you think these white folks are angels? No. But they take care of business in advance.

I bring this up to show you that Africans are busy talking about poverty and it is real. But no one is talking about the real cause. I know why. They do not want to empower our women. Yes that is it. People personal responsibility matters. You know what I mean. Man up or woman up please.

Look at South Sudan now. They are going to kill each other. They had forgiven that trouble maker the former VP who sided with the North, okay Sudan during the struggle. Now he wants to be president. This time he may be finished.

Let me say it again, South Africa is doing much better than the rest of Africa because of Madiba’s wisdom and sense of judgment. He paid attention to the bigger picture which is black majority rule. That was not negotiable. The rest were in the spirit of give and take. After all, Boers too are South Africans. Yes.

It is incumbent upon the majority to embrace positive behavior and try to narrow the gap between the majority and minority. The key word here is negative behavior like that found among inner city African American men in the USA.

Iam sure Madiba improved the quality of schools for the majority. That is the way to go. Narrowing inequality will only come about if the majority acquires the skills to make it in the labour market.

I will let those UAH members in South Africa tell you more. Are their opportunities for the majority? Absolutely. FYI, there is affirmative action in employment and education. But here is the truth- it is the black women who are enjoying the benefits because they had better education and therefore the skills to help them in the labour market. I am sure and again will defer to those in South Africa, women are doing better than men if you control for certain factors. For example, those who delayed child bearing into their 20s and went to school are doing well.

It goes back to the basics as they say “education does not lie”. And that is true especially in South Africa. Why are Africans from elsewhere going there? Because they have the skills in demand.

Now listen, in the USA, at current convergence rates, it will take SIXTY years (emphasis added) for the wage differential between white and black men to disappear. SIXTY! In case you are wondering, black men make between 0.62 and 0.77 for what white men make. It is lower than what women make which stands at about 0.87 to 0.9. It will take several more years for the wage differential between women and men to disappear. Mark you; there are more women than men in North American universities and colleges.

Actually if the trend continues, men and that includes white men will need AFFIRMATIVE action. It is true that today men not women receive preferential treatment for entry into medical school. Yes. The pool of qualified women is much larger than that of men! And let me tell you, the most hardworking university students are white women.

That is an example that “education does not lie”. Now even with more women than men graduating from universities and colleges, they still earn only about 0.87 of every dollar white men make. Yes corner officers are still dominated by white men. But that will change.

Bottom line; do not expect South Africans to achieve wage, employment or labor force participation parity with whites in a mere 19 years. No. BTW, enforcement mechanisms against discrimination in the USA are much tighter but still it will take another SIXTY years to eliminate the wage differential.

What is the situation in South Africa? That is why I laugh at some of you who celebrate the demise of the USA and dream that China will overtake it soon. Wapi. Think path dependence. Yes affirmative action in South Africa is trying to narrow the gap, but our folks should avoid negative behavior. Again why can’t our women have their cake and eat it too? I know they can if they are smart and stop being slaves to religion.

Has the ANC built more schools for the majority? What about technical and middle level colleges? What about apprenticeship programs? I know they have affirmative action in higher education.

The same applies to life expectancy. For the next generation the majority will continue to lag white expectancy. Why? Because of poor social determinants of health (SDH) during Apartheid. The inequality disadvantaged the majority. So those born during Madiba’s reign should have higher life expectancy than their parents assumming SDH factors have improved. And do not forget gender is one of the SDH.

Sure I wish land distribution was more equitable than it is today. But I believe it will change with time.Let others improve of Madiba’s legacy. It would be expecting too much from one man as he himself said, he was no saint.

That said South Africans should care about the means used to distribute land. Okay, I know those Boers grabbed our people’s land, but that was before the new South African constitution. I know plans are underway to reform the land. Yes it is slow, but better get it right.

Have you had the chance to read the South African constitution? If you did you should know that the ANC pushed for civil service reform. For starters there is affirmative action in South Africa and that applies to the public sector too. Again ask those in South Africa whether the majority are not well represented in the civil service. I said yesterday that even with affirmative action one must have the basic skills. That is why South African women in particular are spoilt for choice. Why? In general they had better access to education than men.This too is being reversed through affirmative action in the education system. Please note that it is barely 20 year since Madiba became the first black president.

Now that Malema better be careful with Zuma. Zuma may do to him what he did to Buthelezi. I hope you know that Malema is a crook, corrupt as hell and only tried to cover up his corruption before he was busted.

Anyways how does South Africa rank against older independent African states? Certainly much better on many scores. Why? And before we praise Lumumba, DRC is almost dead last on SDH. Hmm.

Read Kanga’s book on Lumumba.Kanza, Thomas, “The Rise and Fall of Patrice Lumumba. Conflict in the Congo”,

London: G.K. Hall (1979)


De Witte Ludo, “The Assassination of Lumumba”. London: Verso (2001), (translated by Ann Wright and Rene Fenby



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  1. WBK,
    The point I wish to make here is that Mr. Nelson Mandela laid the foundation and it is the others to build on it.
    That foundation is Peace. In fact, he had no choice, but to ensure that peace was established and maintained. Firstly, he had to assure the Whites (minority) that they would be safe and that the Black (majority) recognise and accept the fact that the Whites too are South Africans.
    Before getting along with the demands of the ANC for ‘one man one vote’ for all citizens, the entire nation’s weaponry was to remain in the hands of the minority (Whites). In fact, it is the Whites that hold the upper hand of the Defence Forces.
    With this in mind, I believe that Mr. Mandela was a very wise man who did not allow emotions, or anger of the past unpleasant experience overwhelm him. He knew very well that he had no choice, but to leave the past in history books and move on through the path of peace.
    Mr. Nelson Mandela did all he possibly could; fairly and selflessly, simply for his country and for all irrespective of colour of skin.

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