MEET TINYEFUZA IN 1992(posted by Tony Owana)

MEET TINYEFUZA IN 1992(posted by Tony Owana)

In economics they say ‘sunk costs’ or what has already happened should not influence your decision going forward. What happened happened and should not be used to sway the opinions of Ugandans. We should look at the future. And that includes Tinye’s past. It is done. No one can erase his history. Not even God. In other words, it is sunk. So what is the best decision going forward for Uganda? That is the question we should grapple with.

BTW, the idea of sunk cost also applies to relationships. What happened in the past including the great times and all that should not influence your decision going forward: to stay or divorce. This is important because Ugandans seem to be stuck in the past when dealing with YKM. It is time for Ugandans to divorce him irrespective of what he did in the past. Some say he liberated them. May be. Some say he delivered them sijui from what. May be. But that is sunk and should not influence the decision about the future. We cannot undo his 28 year rule, but we can do something to stop it from getting to 30, etc.

The Tinyefunza speech in London is okay.There is nothing he can do about his past. He should not even try to sanitize it. He should simply say I was in YKM’s prison. It is the same prison that is consuming the IGP, and the saveed Ms. Jennifer Musisi. If she can be so callous, greedy and power-hungry when she is saveed one wonders how she would act if she was not.

As Ugandans learn more about FUF bear in mind the WYSIATI principle=what you see is all there is.Now think about DRC. Why is it still burning? Well it goes back to that former postal worker who became PM. His name was Mr. Patrice Lumumba. He had no clue and his actions especially his speech when Congo became independent sealed his fate. DRC is still burning because of his mistakes. He is an example that Africa does not need hot headed leaders who act before thinking.

Folks, this has been very tough year for Uganda. Our motherland lost Mr. Bernard Onyango (RIP), Mr. Chango Macho (RIP), Mr. Sam K Njuba (RIP). That is a lot.

And who are the news makers? IGP Kayihura and his combo of Tumwebaze and Jennifer Musisi. I know where General Kale Kayihura was in April 1979. I think Ms. Jennifer Musisi may have been in her vacation following her O’level at TGS. But where was Tumwebaze? And why does this matter? Please tell the combo that trees never grow to the sky or what goes up must come down eventually. True. Yes General Kale Kayihura should tell them what happened in April 1979. It may happen to them too.

I must say that I never ever saw Amin’s police forces act the way KK’s police goons act today. The open violence and brutality is quite something. Yes Amin’s people grabbed those they wanted and took them away in their UVS and UVR cars , but KK goons and the y are goons, have no qualms of hitting civilians in public view.




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  1. Peter Simon,


    I am not sure if I can agree with you.To suggest that Ugandans should forget Tinyefunza’s past is missing the point. His past is very important as it contains valuable teaching lessons that we can inform us to avoid making similar mistakes or poor decisions.

    Rather than forgetting his past, I suggest we should forgive him to allow us move on (the wounded and those who wounded them). Have you asked yourself why we still celebrate events such as Martyrs’ Day, we celebrate Heroes Day, International HIV/AIDS Day etc? We cannot wish off what happened but we can forgive it to allow healing and reconciliation take place.

    Oh, this reminds me about Otunnu’s quest for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which Gen. Tinyefunza and his buddy President Museveni opposed, I wonder what Gen. Sejusa’s position is now as many changes have taken place.

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

    Peter Simon

  2. SE,

    Forgive Tinye only if he accepts responsibility for the atrocities he committed during the early days of NRA,in the East and the whole of Northern Uganda,
    But why forgive him now?Just because he is interested in power?To me he has no difference with the persons you have mentioned in your post,he designed the current system,implemented it up to the last minute but only falls out when the house is the brink of collapse.
    Many Ugandans including you will take a bit time to take Sejusa seriously.
    However,soon than later,he is going to be forgotten he has exiled himself,same old story of Besigye,
    Good luck to you who stil think and dream of thim

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