Dear All,
The Candida story was a fabrication by the ‘Monitor’ to soil the Museveni government and UPDF. By the time the Candida story was published, the ‘Monitor’ was under the joint stewardship of Wafula Oguttu and Onyango Obbo. The paper had already taken a very anti government/Museveni position. This posture continues to this day. It was therefore no surprise that the Monitor published the ‘Candida’ story knowing very well that it was faked.

But even Wafula may be excused about the Candida story because at the time it was published the two (Wafula and Onyango) where not in talking terms having disagreed over of tribalism. Wafula’s authority in the Monitor at the time was being seriuosly challenged by Onyango! The truth of this conflcit was unearthed following the shutdown and raid on the ‘Monitor’ by the government.

One of the police officer’s who searched the Monitor offices, revealed that they landed on angry email exchanges between Wafula and Onyango on a number of issues:

– Onyango was accusing Wafula of sticking onto the position of the managing editor of the paper yet the position was supposed rotate between the two of them after every few years.
– Onyango also accused Wafula of tribalism and sectarianism by filling the Monitor with fellow Samias from journalists to sweepers! He named some of them e.g. Odoobo Bichachi and others I cannot easily recall.
– Wafula on the other hand accused Onyango Obbo together with the late Kevin Aliro Ogen of spearheading what he called a ‘Luo’ conspiracy against him – a Bantu!

So at the time the Candida Lakony story was published Onyango Obbo and his team had successfully relegated Wafula to a mere figurehead who was handly consulted on anything. This also happens to be the time that ‘Monitor’ was controlled tightly from Kigali to the extend Kigali could even order what should form the lead headline for the day!! Sometimes the Monitor would delay to go to press to wait for a story from the Rwanda Intelligence!

I can therefore defend Wafula on the Candida story: he had nothing to do with it. He could not stop it being published because he had no capacity to do so.

The True Candida Lakony Story

Another telling piece of evidence that was found in Onyango Obbo’s drawers by the police was a chit written by Candida from her prison cell in Luzira to Onyango Obbo and the ‘Monitor’. In her chit Candida complained very bitterly of being neglected in prison by Onyango Obbo and the Monitor! She regretted why she had allowed herself to be used to tell lies about the shaving picture even upto to the president. She threatened to tell the truth about the whole episode to the prisdent if Onyango Obbo and Monitor did not give her support while in prison!!!!!!

Shortly afterwards, Candida Lakony died a mysterious death in prison!

Peter Okello Maber.

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