If representation is such a big issue as some of you want to portray it then in fact Buganda is in fact over-represented on the national executive. As you know, the Baganda are thought to be about 17% of the population but they hold 21% of the overall portifolios on the national executive. Of the 28 full ministerial/presidential/primeministerial level portifolios, they occupy 6 out of 28 posts, i.e., 21%. So……….?

When we talk of Buganda Banyarwanda, we are talking about 12% of the population of Buganda. You know that Buddu county has anything upto 40% Banyarwanda, and the national legislature has every now and then had Buganda Banyarwanda being representatives of constituences (Higiro Semajege, Nshiimye Buturo, Claver Mutuluza…..). Banyankore are about 4% of the non-immigrant population of Buganda. Those are not insignificant proportions to such a point that they should be completely invisible at Mmengo.

At the national level, there is only one ehtnic group that is higher than 12% of the total population. The rest are on average 6%, yet they are represented.

What causes a group that is 12% of the Buganda population to be completely absent at Mmengo?’

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


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