I have been perturbed by people’s shallow analysis and claims that muzoora was killed by Uganda security agents. I think this is the wildest and shallowest allegation by all those people that are anti museveni. The truth is; When muzoora became a dissident supported by Rwandese government, he convinced the same government that he had massive support within UPDF. Thats the reason why besigye during the 2005 elections bragged that he had 90% support of UPDF. Indeed he had some support.

Now, when the struggle collapsed, muzoora, mande and kyakabaale were given sanctury in kigali under protection of kagame government. Both kyakabale and mande became drunkards and chased after Rwandese women. This infuriated Kagame coupled with pressure from Uganda government, kagame asked the two to relocate to Europe. He remained with sober muzoora for sometime until he also helped to relocate to south africa. Muzoora a defeated field commander of the Defunct PRA was demoralised and wanted to go back to Uganda. He contacted Uganda security who were ready to receive him.

This landed into the ears of Kagame who was faced with two problems: One, if muzoora went back to Uganda, he would spill all the bean about Rwanda and all their dirty plans against Uganda. Two, if he returned to Uganda he would reveal the names of the UPDF that corroborated with him who in turn would reveal more about Kagame’s sinister plans.

Against this background Kagame had no other option than ‘putting muzoora out of action.’ He lured muzora to Rwanda, murdered him, put him into a cooler as he planned to dump him at the doorsteps of his parents so that they would think it was Uganda security that killed him. But Rwanda was short sighted. If muzoora had been killed by uganda security operatives, they would have dumped him in congo where he operated to make it look like he was killed by thugs in congo! Muzoora’s body bore torture signs implying that Rwanda security tortured him before they killed him so that he can reveal to them if he had delved any information to Uganda security. So, stop confusing people saying muzoora was killed by Uganda security.

Bart Kakooza
UAH forumist.

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