The federal question is there to stay and sooner rather than later Ugandans will have no choice but confront it. There are two institutions that have oppressed the Ugandan or African in general, namely, the Eurocentric education and the unitary system. There is no positive peace in Africa because of these two. And until they are reformed or vanquished African countries can kiss positive peace kwaheri.

There is no way you can dismiss people’s wishes as you want us to do with what Ugandans expressed in the Odoki Constitutional Review Commission. the Odoki Constitutional Review Commission showed that 60% of Ugandans wanted federalism.Why didn’t framers of the constitution endorse federalism since the majority of Ugandans wanted it/ What happened, who changed it ? That should be question.If the claim is true,i.e 60% of Ugandans wanted federalism, then it means that we are not using the document that Ugandans agreed to, what we are using is a fake document since it refused to put into place what the majority of Ugandans wanted, on that basis the fake document should be rejected. Justice Odoki, my mentor Papa Stephen Akabway who chaired the CA should be called to explain why they refused to honour people’s wishes.

The 1995 Constitution is often said to be the people’s constitution, but if an item that 70% of the people wanted was not granted, then how on do we call such a document that does contain such an item, the people’s document?

In 2007 I participated in a conference about Zimbabwe’ political challenges. One of the discussants, Prof. Ranger Lang from Oxford University observed that for countries such as Zimbabwe and Uganda with heterogeneous populations, the best option for good governance would be federalism. In Uganda’s case, he said that what Uganda had before independence time was actually federal governance.

On urban management, he noted that city management fail because central governments interfere a lot and cited an example of how clean Kampala, Harare and Bulawayo were because there was proper management by separate entities but when central government began interfering, those cities are now among the worst with pot-holes, no running water, poor sanitation, power failure, unplanned constructions etc.

Peter Simon


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