In a situation even where the mightiest of the land are dillydallying over the moral decadence and perversion of the West, she stands tall to be counted. At home and even when she is out. Our media and ‘human rights activists’ need to read and get details of homos and their fate in the West: not allowed to join Boy Scouts or Girl Guides; not allowed to ‘declare’ their status when players in key games: soccer, baseball, et al. No homo is allowed to be chaplain of any youth club. THEREFORE THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT IT.

It is only and the end of 2013 that one fellow in Britain believed to be the father of the computer was given a post-humous pardon and rehabilitation: he was condemned for being a homosexual in 1952. CECIL RHODES, the greatest rapist of African resources and sovereignty was banished by his own parents at age 17 to Africa, because he was a homosexual. Conventional history records that he was a sickler, so his parents sent him to Africa …’hoping that he would get better’!!! Imagine a family in 18th century England, sending their teenage son to a ‘dark continent’, with the hope that he would get better!!!!!!

This thing should NOT be seen in isolation. It is part of a larger campaign to eliminate us and occupy our continent: family planning( Marie Stoppes type), the Walter Reed Project ( guinea-pigging us for biological weapons), legalisation of prostitution, weakening the family unit, condemning African names and practices as satanic, GMOs, trafficking of human organs( disguised as ‘ ritual sacrifice), ‘child rights’, foreign aid in every sector and everything( which is actually AIDS), ALL this is should be seen totality, as a package.

The ‘explorers’ coming to Africa expected to find ‘wild naked savages’ whom they would eliminate the way they did in the Americas. Finding powerful empires and flourishing economies, they were shocked. The legacies and records left by those ‘pioneer explorers’ show that ‘other less offensive and subtle means have to be devised by successive generations to eliminate the native…’. This started with the enslavement of the mind, where one feels superior and liberated when they condemn all things African and want to be European, American!!

We stand firm. If you love Africa, why have you not given us the same HIV/AIDS cure that the US uses, instead leaving us for all manner of experimentation????


Sandra Birungi
Patriotic Ugandan



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  1. Mugisha Semu,

    Sandra you have have nailed it. I told some people where to find the cure for HIV and was ignored by many and have been called all kind of names. I like your well researched article. For emphasis The cure for AIDS is Colloidal Silver or Tetrasilver tetroxide. Let anybody read Patents 5676977 and 7135195 which would have never been issued if the CS did not work .I’m patriotic and Uganda should never have allowed all these research projects that introduce viruses.

  2. Julius,

    Well done keep it up

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