Dr Machar’s response to Museveni over the crisis is South Sudan is expected but it ends there. The era of warlords is long gone. The era when innocent citizens would be brutalised and murdered by their ‘leaders’ under the guise of ‘internal affairs’ ‘sovereignty’ and ‘territorial integrity’. By the way, why didn’t you say the same in the early and later 90s as SPLM fought against Khartoum? Or you have chosen to forget? You can run but you will not hide. True, there were weaknesses within the administration, but all you needed was the leadership foresight and humility to sit and resolve them. People died over the 20 years as you ‘struggled’ against Arabs. Where are the Arabs now? How come you can proudly say you are in touch with secretaries in the US, but have the guts to rebuke your next door neighbour and erstwhile benefactor? Who has a bigger stake in South Sudan? The US or the EAC/IGAD/Uganda? You have a window of hope. Cease the fire, save innocent herdsboys from senseless killing and dying, seek the intervention and counsel of elders and lead your people to prosperity. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Equally out of order are Uganda’s MPs who jump on any ‘opportunity’ to arouse relevance. Regional and global dynamics are such that we cant let warlords kill innocent people. Innocent South Sudanese need life. Moreover, you want Ugandans evacuated, yet you question the role of UPDF in Sudan. While it is okay for France to come into CAR and Mali to settle crises, Ugandan MPs find it strange for Uganda to calm a next door neighbour whose fate is intertwined with ours. Honorable MPs, that’s the reality of the current global dynamics. Would you complain if Britain sent in troops to save its former colony? Am sure not….there you go!!

Sandra Nabiddo Birungi


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