UAH’s Pamela Ankunda is the daughter of the late Izidoro from Rushoroza

The late Izidoro hailed from Rushoroza. One of his daughters is Pamela Ankunda, formerly of Uganda Media Centre & now at Internal Affairs.I dont know how she is related to Paddy Ankunda UPDF/DEFENCE spokesperson.Pamela Ankunda is not married to that gentleman. Ankunda is her maiden name.

Izidoro was killed by Obote forces in 1980.He shared the same cell with Mr.Kanyima John at the army barracks in kabale town. They were scheduled to be transferred to kampala the next day on orders of Rwakasis. It took the intevention of the late Canon Batuma for Mr. Kanyima to be freed. mr Izidoro was never seen alive agan.

Mr Kanyima was instrumental in helping the NRA secure funds and supplies. Being a business man, exporting produce to Rwanda, he was approached by mr otafire and mr jim muhwezi to sell for them maize and beans and to purchase boots and other supplies on return journeys.

During that time, sacks and sacks of cash were seen being carried from Rwanda practically on the head by porters. That money was returned the otafires. not even a penny was missing. when the raging around katanga and the NRA needed money, they once again appoached Mr. Kanyima who introduced them to Mrs kahirimbanyi the then manager UCB kabale.

Legend has it that Mr kanyima and mr museveni drove to her residence in a jeep. after explaining their dilemma, she agreed to drive back with them, opened the vault and loaded their vehicles with as much cash as they could carry. mrs kahirimbanyi was later made secretary to the treasury (one of the two people whose signatures appear on Uganda currency notes).

Up until his death 11 years ago, mr kanyima was a strong supporter of the movement and even consulted by intelligence on matters of national security. some of the prominent businessmen from Kabale who supported the NRA system financially or otherwise include Mr kanagizi, the late Bainamaryo, the late Safi (also inlaw to mr amama mbabazi). one thing certain about is that system kept promising these gentlemen some form of compensation which never materialized.There were other businessmen who helped those guys. Matthias Niwaine’s father, the late Matiya from Bukinda was one of them. Actually for them, even their own residential house was taken over by the Obote regime & given to a school-todate.

The only tangible contribution that was given was that of shs.50,000 from mr rugunda at the funeral of mr kanyima. I was actually asked by the organisers not read the 50,000 as it would be an embarrassment to the minister and the government. that gentleman who risked his life for the struggle, who hardly saw in my earlier years was my father.

Certainly the principles which brought the movement into power were forgotten a long time ago. I guess insiders looking out imagine any one opposing the system is insane. what they fail to realise is that they went off track a long time ago.

Generally speaking Kabale has been marginalised. How many ministers do we have? Look at the state of our roads, the sewerage on the streets. Kabale is a shadow of its former self. if it wasn’t for business people, the town would be like an ancient ruin

Frank Agaba is the son of late Kanyima


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