Folks:The most despicable thing is for Uganda to be taking orders from Rwanda. Well, it is events such as this one that could lead to something bigger and hopefully better for our region. For how long does Kagame think he will terrorize DRC, Uganda and other countries? YKM may take it but TZ will not. More turbulence in the region.

Kagame has milked the genocide so far that as you point out many are now starting to say, wait a minute. But the dictator has recruited many Ugandans to do his bidding. Many in the media and even academia white wash his dictatorship on grounds that the man has delivered. My foot.

YKM should stand up to Kagame and say enough. Col. Karegeya will be buried in Uganda period. For how long is YKM going to appease dictator Kagame under the so called coalition of the willing?

Kagame’s tactics are setting up the so called coalition of the willing against SADC.

BTW, let me ask many Ugandans on this forum, if Col. Karegeya who was born in Uganda (so Ugandan by birth), and took up Rwandese citizenship does not fit the criteria to be buried in Uganda, what about many of us who have taken on American, British, Canadian, Swedish, French, Norwegian citizenship etc.? What message is YKM sending to the rest of Ugandans in the diaspora by listening to dictator Kagame? And if that is the mentality what the hell are they doing breaking up UNAA? Put simply, why does Uganda send huge delegations to waste donor and taxpayers money attending a forum of Ugandan born but now American/Canada citizens and permanent residents?

Let us be clear: irrespective of what we feel about Col. Karegeya, it is a big shame and total disgrace for YKM and Uganda to be taking orders from Rwanda/Kagame. It is actually an embarrassment. Everybody knew YKM was a nyampra of the West but Rwanda, Phew!

Something tells me that the assassination of col Karegeya could have unintended consequences that could resonate within the region.



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