President M7 is right about foreigners fanning conflicts in the region. But his correctness ends there. The key question is ‘when are foreigners good and when are they bad’? when do they become ‘development partners’ and when do they become ‘imperialists’. It depends on who is talking when to whom.

Tee Ngugi summed it up aptly in the run-up to the Kenyan elections 2013. To him, Kenyans were none the better. What was coming was another class of agents, whose links through international capital were strong with foreign powers whom they call imperialists when it suits the audience. Nyakwangwa ayangwa n’obwe. We reject foreign interference, let’s reject it wholesome. The EALA he was addressing( nay the entire EAC project) survives on hand-outs from foreigners.

The AU, lives in a foreign-donated building, eats from the EU, water from China. The AU IBAR( animal resource body) based in Nairobi reports to France and Spain.

Uganda’s road body, UNRA, reports to the EU. From teaching us how to wash hands to building our president’s office, a foreign hand is prominent.

Kids today aspire to join ‘civil society’ because it is the ‘civil society activists’ leading a flamboyant life: big cars, palatial homes, globe-trotting, five-star hotel conferences, et al. ALL IS THIS FOREIGNERS…The kleptocracy at OPM, the Merc of the PM, is foreign-oiled. Both thieving governments and ‘watchdog’ civil society are pawns of foreign powers, through different channels, while citizens are guinea-pigs: poverty projects, hand-outs, camps, ’empowerment’, GMOs, HIV-trials, vaccine trails, biological weapons trials, human organ trafficking( disguised as ‘child-sacrifice), slavery, et al.

Yes, foreigners are fanning conflict. It’s in their interest. And that of their pawns. Look closely at the South Sudanese refugees denied entry into Kenya or those in Uganda: do you find Kiir’s child or Machar’s child? People starving, while their ‘leaders’ are spoilt for choice at The Sheraton Addis!!

Sandra Birungi


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  1. Peter Simon,


    President Museveni is right. Just look at DRC, Rwanda and now South Sudan, foreigners are prominent in determining the fate of those nations. However, I am wondering who are the “foreigners” the president is referring to, someone there should answer this question: ” Who is a foreigner?” The NRA (UPDF) went to Rwanda, Congo and now are in South Sudan, Somalia, CAR and I don’t know where else, aren’t we among the foreigners meddling with affairs of other African countries?

    The other day I wondered whether President Museveni was a Congolese of South Sudanese origin such that he blames foreigners for messing politics in his country(Congo/South Sudan). Would President Museveni agree with Riek Machar that foreigners should go back to their countries and leave South Sudanese to sort out their own political affairs or he blames “foreigners” without remembering that he is a foreigner dictating terms in other people’s countries.

    The question remains, ” Who is a foreigner?”

    Abbey, “Why do you see a speck in your brother’s eye yet you cannot see a log in your own eyes?”

  2. Simon Okurut,

    Hi members,

    Happy New Year!!!

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