Musevenis recent promiseto probe and bring to book those who were involved in committing attrocities in the north and eastern regions during the insurgency is nothing but a desperate counter insurgencymove meant to isolate Gen Tinyefuza who is in alliance with the likes of Otunnu and Ogole. But moreso his claim that he did not know about these attrocities is a clear demonstration of the level of hypocrisy in him.

Will he also probe the following:-

1. Launching a sectarian guerrilla war to dislodge the northern and eastern regions dominance of government and the military. The bush war morale boosting song “ohhh Melda” that called for the killing of Acholis alluded to this.

2. His NRA killing of Tanzanian troops who were in the country after helping to chase Iddi Amin.

3. His NRA deliberate killing of unarmed civilians real or perceived to be members of of the rulling UPC government. By dressing his NRA in government military uniform, Baganda peasants were targeted in order to tarnish the image of the government. Its during such a time that the Kandoya and Kafuni styles of torture was introduced to deal with perceived enemies (Vipingamizi). Its these methods that were exported to the northern and eastern regions after taking over power.

4. Creating clandestine hit squads that operated in Kampala with the sole aim of antagonizing the population with government. NRAs urban hit squad under Kyaligonza caused mayhem to the city dwellers. Kyaligonza personally shot dead the DP member of Parliament for Mwenge, Hon. Bamuturaki at Kisementi.

5. His NRA disrupted the normal life of Baganda peasants in the Luwero Triangle where life and livelihood was lost.The Balalo pastrolists were compensated for their contribution but the Baganda peasants lost out completely.

6. To pursue his childhood presidential ambitions he lured many sons and daughters of Uganda who lost their lives while others had their future irrepairably ruined.

7. The shooting and lynching of defenseless defeated former UNLAs in Kampala upon takeover in 1986 and the general harassment of those hailing from the northern and eastern region being labeled to as Anyanyas.

8. The systematic reprisal attacks by the NRA against civilians in the northern and eastern regions that gave rise to the self defense insurgency.

9. The systematic economic deprivation of Acholis, Langis and Itesot of stocks. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza ferried trailer loads of cattle from Teso to his home in Hoima.

10. The mass murder of civilians in Mukura train wagon byMajor Bunyenyezi who was the Brigade Commander. Its only Capt Oduch the Brigade I.O who was briefly arrested and later released.

11. The practicing of scortched earth policy in northern Uganda that gave fuel to the insurgency. Museveni one time told the international media ” I dont know torture. I have educated myself on many things but I have never known the boundary between what is torture and what is not. I know the NRA people tie these people when they arrest them. They tie their hands back ward. Am now being told that is torture. Its the traditional method. (Daily Nation -26/01/86). Later he told the BBC Panorama program that “What is the Geneva Convention on War? I have never read it”

12. The use of Chemical weapons in Acholiland by the NRA against the insurgents. They had been acquired from Eritrea who also provided the first battle tanks.

13. The hording of former UNLAs into concenration camps in Kiburara and later Nabisojo under appalling conditions. The cold blooded shooting by the NRA of Maj. Odoch in Jinja ater the signing of the Pece peace deal with the UPDA faction of Col. Angello Okello.

14. The mass hording of civilians into concentration camps termed IDPs for two decades thus destroying their way of livelihood.

15. The recruitment of children from the northern and eastern region into the NRA by exploiting their economic and social vulnerability.

16. Knowingly recruiting Rwandese refugees into his personal NRA and using them to fight dissenting Ugandans in the north and north eastern regions.

Therefore, as Commander in Chief Museveni knew details of each and every military undertaking in any corner of Uganda.His current utterances can only be equated to dancing on the graves of the dead and adding salt to the wounds of the injured.
At the time of Operation North, Tinyafuza was the Minister of State for Defence. As Minister, he was not in any way in the heirachy of military field operations. He could only have taken command of Operation North with full approval, blessing and backing of Museveni the Commander in Chief. He only recalled Tinyefuza from that operation out of fear that the former was gaining alot of popularity among ground troops.

The said probe will simply remain on paper.


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  1. Peter Simon,

    President Museveni is right to demand for investigations of human rights abuses. This is what every fair minded president could do.

    This investigation is long overdue but it really doesn’t matter how long they will reject the investigation; it will be done at a later time and those perpetrators will be taken to book even posthumously; but with the good feeding they engage in and riches they have amassed will keep them alive to stand trial in court. The Nazi war criminals are still being “discovered” hiding with pseudo names/identities, they are answering for their crimes committed in WWII.

    Suppose President Museveni is indeed not aware of the crimes? As we give him the benefit of the doubt, let us then examine his leadership:

    How can a serious leader take over 20 years to learn that half of his country had suffered inhuman abuses while he was and he is still at the realm of state power? Is such a person a leader? Twenty years down the road, people killed, suffocated/burnt, buried alive and the government in power is completely ignorant of the abuses? What a government!

    The government has on many occasions promised to compensate the victims of Mukura massacres and at one time an MP of one Teso constituencies was given millions to pay the survivors or relatives, why was that money given out if the president did not know about the deaths? Where did the money come from and who sanctioned especially is a country like Uganda where the president does each and everything?

    However, should President Museveni be serious about investigating the deaths, let him fully cooperate by endorsing what experts of conflict resolution like Dr. Otunnu have all along been appealing him to do. Instead, Dr. Otunnu was threatened to be crushed by the regime. Let the suspects be brought as witnesses but not as investigators, I mean UPDF is the prime suspect.

    Let true and meaningful investigations be instituted. The other day I heard the Army Commander echoing the president’s call. It seems this time around there is concern so let us be serious, UPDF/NRA cannot investigate itself. There will be a conflict of interest. I know most Ugandans do not care about conflict of interest that is why you find an army officer supplying milk to army barracks and charging exorbitant prices and calls that profits.

    Some of us do not qualify to belong to the committee of investigators because we are interested parties there will likely be bias but we can help by giving evidence or guiding on how the investigations could proceed by drawing from experiences elsewhere.

  2. Odongo,

    The picture you have published is that of Brig. Kayanja formerly of Wembley and DG ISO not of Kayanja Muhanga. Secondly Military Police has been here for many years not recently created. Right

  3. The best Model is
    Melena Tara

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