On the surface one would think that H.E YKM is not taking Obama’s threat seriously. But according to current events in the region, that is far from the truth. Anybody wise must know which side of his bread is buttered.

1. Why else should H.E YKM write a rebuttal (press release). This has not been his practice except when the issue is very serious. None serious issues never attract his attention. Some people might be wrong in thinking that H.E. YKM is not taking Obama’s threat seriously. As usual H.E YKM outsmarts many of us. Things you think are minor he takes them seriously and things you think are serious he ignores. In the end H.E YKM emerges the winner all the time. He is a wise man is all can say.

2. It was out of the ordinary for H.E YKM to consult a panel of scientists and also literature from the USA after the Bill had been passed. One is tempted to ask what is so special about this bill that required all this consultation. Is this the most important bill that has ever been passed by the Ugandan Parliament?

3. The press release did not contain any spitting fire from H.E The President, at least from my own eyes. What I read was a pleading statement. The statement already insinuates that once put in a tight corner, one will have defence to say that “look guys I tried my best but my people would take none of this; you see here is even the supporting document from our scientists”. Very smart!

4. “Obama needs Museveni as much as Museveni needs Obama” for as long as our H.E YKM tows the line of the super power. To the one who is more powerful it is a matter of political expediency. This happened to many leaders in the past such as General Noriega, General Saddam Hussein e.t.c. I think H.E YKM is playing his cards very well; again a very wise man we must all acknowledge.

5. Obama or any other super power would not be interested in Rebecca Kadaga for one reason; she has not been part of the politics of the great lakes region for such a long time. But the super power would be much more interested in our H.E YKM for having been part and parcel of the people who have shaped the politics of the great lakes region for the last 40 or so years. Their interest in H.E YKM remains would certainly be their business and your guess is as good as mine.

6. And finally, to me all this anti-homosexuality bill consultation and press release amounts to a PR thing; a damage control before it happens. And the damage control is not for this anti-homosexuality bill. It is a damage control for the coming unpopular bills (at least to the opposition in Parliament if not to you as well) that are going to be passed in the next 22 months before 2016 elections. If something won’t be right in those bills as long as they meet the objectives of incumbent, they will be quickly signed into law. The PR will be “H.E YKM consults widely”. Again H.E YKM wins. Paying much attention to the anti-homosexuality bill is just missing the point and the big picture that this is PR exercise for the next bills. We shall see more of that in the coming months.

I can’t help but continue smiling how H.E YKM outsmarted two guys Amama Mbabazi and Mike Mukula who had nursed intentions of competing with. Disowning the commitment they signed in Kyankwanzi would be like committing political suicide for both gentlemen. The one remaining to beat now is Prof GBB. He survived by not attending the Kyankwanzi retreat. Politics at this stage is very exciting not to join but to follow. For sure we shall have more laughter along the way.

Ibrah Sendagire



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  1. Ibrah Sendagire,
    “Politics at this stage is very exciting not to join but to follow.” You are right with this statement. The spectators always see the game better than the players in the field. I stated some time ago that President Museveni ‘does his work by the book’. But of course, the game can only be understood by those who really want to understand and not by those who prepare themselves to thrust blames, even before the game starts.
    Let’s keep on watching, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

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