Folks:The West dared YKM and YKM has dared them by signing the bill into law. No more uncertainties. It is done and it is the law of Uganda. We may not like it but it was a law passed by a majority of MPs.

Folks, this is an example of a backlash against globalization of an idea. It was the same point Mr. Warigi was making in the Nation.

It is now mute. Mr. Obama should take some blame for putting YKM between a rock and hard place. Even poor governments can bite and live with the consequences.

YKM’s signing the bill into law also repudiates neoliberal claims that with globalization, governments are “impotent”. Well YKM just demonstrated otherwise.

So let us wait and see those consequences from Mr. Obama. Many of you may recall his Red line argument against Iran. How did that go?

California not long ago voted against same sex marriage in a referendum . Democrats win California because of others issues including the Latino vote. An the last I checked Latino are not so crazy about gay rights. Actually on that issue many would seem to favor the Republican view. Which is to say they care about other important issues other than same sex marriage.

The West should learn that opening lecturing Africans will backfire. It backfired badly in Kenya when the West including President Obama toiled to tell the “Wanjiku” how to vote. We know what happened.

It is better for the West to be careful. Africans may be poor but they are very proud people. Anyone ignores that at their own risk. And listen to the bumbling Ugandan opposition harping on it to call for sanctions. They look perennial bumbling [fill in]

The West is wrong to believe that Archbishop Tutu can sway public opinion in Africa. Not even in South Africa so go figure. Remove Obama from the equation here for a moment and ask yourself: what is the import of this on Uganda as a society?

Let’s examine the effect that this law will have in the nation. I would argue that homosexuality is a non-issue in Uganda: while we frown about it, we also know it has always existed in our society.

A law is only effective if it’s implemented. Unlike prostitution, homosexuality can be concealed forever. So, how will Uganda go about hunting down gays?

Enacting bad or unnecessary laws is not a sign of strength or independence; this is an opportunistic law aimed at hoodwinking the religious types into siding with Museveni come 2016.

I doubt it that any gays will actually be pulled from under their blankets and charged with engaging in same-sex sex.

Which brings me back to my original question: if you won’t implement the law, why pass it? This kind of bravado to spite critics, is what buffoons do.




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  1. james musinga,

    The west should get to understand that we are to call them where it is due meaning that when uncalled to intervene they should always accept, they should also distinguish between offering an aid and intervening in passing of governing laws of countries. There should be clarity in terms & conditions while offering these aid’s no mixing of issues because this might invoke uncalled for exchange of words in international media publications and in the due course, ofcourse bad implications between these two states. …..i would advise people should play very well their politics…. “orurimi nirukiiza rurara obwojji” literally meaning a tongue is sharper than a knife, it can create an issue and again it can destroy an issue. You need me and i need you what is the conflict for on minnors issues govern your people en i govern my people if some this is not going well ask you what appropriate methodology i can apply and that does not signify that i have run short of methods i just want to make comparisons and make my own decision then learn to respect people of the same footing even alike…..

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