I remember in the early 1970s when I had established myself as a potential representative of Uganda, there were names mentioned by the national Coach, Sserumagi of potential re-enforcement of the national squad. One of the names I remember vividly, was a young boxer from the Uganda Army who had made progress and certainly a great impression on the Uganda Amateur Boxing Association, UABA.

The young boxer in question was Mohamed Rajab Seruwagi. By the time the UABA contacted the Uganda Army to release the ‘boxer’ for the National Squad, the Army responded that the soldier in question had quit Boxing to join the Taekwondo and that his Korean instructors could not let go of him.

Mohamed Rajab Seruwagi was reported to have made great success in Taekwondo, but also encouraged sports in the Uganda Armed Forces. Not long, the President of Uganda, Idi Amin personally selected him to become the Chief Sports Officer of the Uganda Armed Forces. Under his supervision, the Uganda Armed Forces Boxing team defeated the Soviet Union Defence Forces Boxing team in a tournament which was held in Moscow. He was also to become the Manager for the Uganda National Boxing Team.

There are as many happy moments of yesterday, as there may be sad ones of today. But, let us learn from the lessons of yesterday the ways we can unite our country and rebuild the spirit of brotherhood we all grew up embracing. I would be happy beyond measure to contribute to this success. I have always believed that Uganda is a family and it is a duty to all the members of our family to work hard towards our unity.
As always I wish our country, Uganda only the best.

Byaruhanga Jonny Rubin.


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