Washington is just bullying ‘poor’ Ugandans as they can’t do this to Saudis

The recently enacted Homosexual Laws in Uganda and Nigeria are within the rights of the nations. If President Obama cannot bully the US congress to enact or repeal laws , the US President is out of order to think he can freely bully African legislatures with Homosexuality as a foreign policy tool. As a matter of principle, Africa should say NO to Obama and the International Homosexual Rights. The mutual respect of the right of nations to make laws cannot be sacrificed at the alter of politicking.

The TransAfrica partner, Frank Mugisha, is a gay man. He is just as entitled to his preference as Saudi Arabia Sheiks in America who desire to have US Embassies grant visas to their more than one wives. Nevertheless, they have to respect American laws. The King Abdullah “has four wives” as far back as 2001. But the King does not use oil or the threat of its embargo to enforce Saudi norms in other countries; neither can any American president be bullish and crazy enough to use homosexual enforcement as leverages in bi-lateral relations in any Middle East sheikdom.

Seriously, this imposition is dared because Africa is considered a weak and vulnerable geopolity, which is susceptible to foreign aid squeeze and psychological browbeating. It raises funds for the “righters.”

Well, please take a poll. The majority of Africans on the Continental and those living abroad believe the West has no right to enforce its homosexual opinions in Africa. Curiously, why have the International crusaders of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and the Trans- gendered culture not made the hue and cry in Egypt or Mauritania, the current chair of the African Union? Both countries are in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Somehow, the social engineers think the sexualized, same-sex population naturally happens in Sub-Sahara?

At the UN Women Conference in Bejing, so-called “third world” women were part of the grand “G77” coalition and African groups proved pivotal in beating back the definition of “extended family” to include lesbians.

If African nations are not withholding access to Africa’s raw materials unless Western nations accept polygamy (an example), which is criminalized in Western nations, what is the saner reason for the selective application of human rights on sexual liberties?

If the West cannot threaten Russia that recently criminalized kissing by homosexuals, why are threats issued to Africa. The threat to withdraw aid could have been so laughable if the moral hypocrisy did not stink to the high heavens. Have these countries tried this stuff on Pakistan? America threatens to withhold $400,000 from Uganda while freeing up more than $1.6 billion in aid to Pakistan, a country that criminalizes the same homosexuality as Uganda did.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), consensual sodomy is criminalized under Article 80 of the Dubai Penal Code. However, the bilateral relationship between the US and Dubai cannot be stronger, with UAE ports hosting more U.S. Navy ships than any port outside the U.S. Can Obama go there to talk up homosexual rights ……or esle?

C’mon now. Who is kidding who? This is not a conviction based on human rights as the West is shouting with a conscience that is evidently selective and prone to amnesia.



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