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VOTE: Do you want Ms.Shilah Natukunda Nagumana banned from UAH forum?

Do you want Shilah Natukunda Nagumana banned from UAH forum?

Please go the link above to cast your vote. Votes made here on face book would be considered invalid because some people have more than one account on face book. Once, you have voted, please click to see the results yourself.

As you all know, Membership on UAH is issued in accordance with the requirements of the UAH rules and guidelines on the right hand side of this page. Unless the UAH laws say otherwise, a member will cease to hold a membership if:
1. The member dies;
2. The member unsubscribed from the forum or asked to be unsubscribed;
3. The member is expelled or their membership is terminated in accordance with the UAH laws.

The UAH rules specifically allow the moderator (in this case, it’s me) the power to discipline a member or to terminate their membership if they are breaking rules. In other words, the rules set out the circumstances and the manner in which the power may be exercised. This means that the laws must prescribe the process to be followed to terminate a membership or discipline a member, including matters such as:
•notice to the member;
•whether the member will be given the right to be heard or provide submissions;
•how the decision to terminate or discipline is to be made; and
•Whether the decision is final and binding on the member, or is subject to appeal.

However, Ms. Natukunda’s situation is unique. Some members want her out; some don’t; I certainly don’t want her out, but, at the same time, we need a way forward on this. And that’s why we are subjecting this to a vote. Results would be revealed on Sunday night, God willing! So, till that time, she remains a member of UAH and she could use this thread to make her case to other members if she wants.

Byebyo ebyange!

Abbey Semuwemba


Why should the opposition care about the drama in NRM? So what if YKM kicks out PM Mbabazi? So what if the IGP Mr. Kale Kayihura-I say it again he was a very decent fellow -now nicknamed ”Mr. tear gas” by Mrs Mbabazi goes after NRM rebels and those bribed by the Mbabazis ? How many times have these NRM goons, okay, youth wingers terrorized oppo…sition youth wingers? How come when that was happening Mrs.Mbabazi never called the IGP Mr tear gas? How come when Arinaitwe was captured whipping Dr KB Mrs. Mbabazi said nothing? Hehehe.

Let Mr. “tear gas” and Ms. Akullo go after those crooks. How dare they use NRM money to bribe goons?

Also, why does Hon Anite’s age -she is 29 years old-matter? So how come a n 29 year old outmaneuvered the PM camp?

If NRM is crumbling the last thing the opposition should do is show sympathy for PM. Is it not the case of what “you wished for wind has brought down? I mean for a damn 28 years, the opposition has been hoping for the disintegration and when those signs appear, suddenly the opposition takes sides in the NRM fight? Why?

I would have thought that the opposition would ignore the drama, to be sure the embarrassment the PM and members of his political family, wife and sister in law are enduring. BTW, the sister in law was defeated in Kabale by a tsunami of forces including religion, Ms. Museveni and Minister Henry Banyenzaki. These forces came together to cut Hope Mwesigye to size. She has no chance of bouncing back politicaaly , hence the frustration and anger.

The PM is done. His downfall has a lot in common with how Charles Njonjo fell. It went on for a few days until the hammer came down.

I doubt the PM has anything closer to the apparatus Charles Njonjo had in place. He almost ran a parallel state.

The IGP and the minister of Internal Affairs, retired General Aronda have the PM and his supporters corned. The PM should have listened to Tinye.

Very soon, YKM will call for national elections to purge the PM’s people from leadership positions. Hon Anite may as well go down as the young MP who put paid the PM ‘s political ambitions.

To be honest I do not see the PM as presidential material, but hey, we are taking about Uganda where anyone can delude themselves, so he allowed those thoughts to cross his mind and he will soon pay the political price.

The PM is a not a likeable fellow at all and that means a lot in politics. Notice that it is only his political family standing up to the NRM machinery. Why is that the case if he is as popular or presidential material? When Njonjo went down, he took with him political heavy weights including the Masai maestro the late Stanley Oloi Tip Tip, GG Kariuki and others. But who will go down with the PM?

It may sound funny, but If it is true as the opposition claims that the fall of NRM is imminent, then they have only the IGP aka Mr. Tear Gas to thank. And of course the youthful Hon Anite who outsmarted the PM. Her move caught the PM napping like maziwa lala. The rest is history. Notice how YKM makes them look fools in military attire in Kyankwanzi.

Let me say that Mr. Kale Kayihura was a very fine fellow. That much many can attest to. There was no sign of violence in him. Nothing kabisa. He is just caught up in YKM’s prison.

Notice too that YKM recently named new RDCs! ‘



Posted by: Robukui
Hon Saleh Kamba is the member of parliament for Kibuku in eastern Uganda. He is the leading petitioner in a petition that seeks to bar the three ‘rebel’ M.Ps from accessing parliament after they were expelled from NRA by Museveni.

Saleh Kamba joined the NRA in 1987 while he was in his 2nd year of secondary education. After completing his basic infa…ntry training he was posted to the Directorate of Records where he was trained as a records clerk. As a clerk, he was attached to different departments of the army including Supplies and Barracks & Stores. It is during his service in these two departments that then Sgt Kamba made a cash fortune as was the norm. It is the Junior staff like clerks, secretaries and office messengers who coordinated most of the cash-making shoddy deals in these departments. Such juniors in the NRA accumulated wealth even before some senior officers opened their eyes to personal wealth creation.

By 1992, Sgt Saleh Kamba had completed constructing a personal modern house in Rubaga, Kampala and drove a Mark II car. Still Saleh Kamba envied his superiors whom he occasionally witnessed siphoning off billions of cash by virtue of their office positions that corresponded with their academic background. Sgt Saleh Kamba too embarked on an ambitious program of improving his academic C.V. Around late 90s, he registered for studies by correspondence. Within a period of 2 – 3 years he had accomplished 3 degrees (including a Masters), 7 diplomas and 14 certificates – all in the field of financial accounting. He really studied hard for these courses, he used a room at a ministry of defence building on Balintuma road in Mengo as a study room. These qualifications elevated his to the rank of Lt in the army and from clerical to the Finance department as an accountant. He also used the promotions to accumulate more cash from the usual shoddy deals in the NRA.

Earlier on, he had developed political ambition having been inspired by his home area being represented by a one Moses Wagira during the Constituent Assembly (CA). Saleh Kamba always described Moses Wagira as inefficient and vowed to unseat the area Member of Parliament, HON Nanepher Namuyangu. However, he realised that his academic qualifications could only be accepted in the army and not in the public office. He embarked on acquiring the equivalence of “O” and “A” level qualifications. He registered for UNEB group certificate examinations at the YMCA in Kampala and acquired the certificates.

Having acquired the required qualifications, Saleh Kamba retired from the army and went to contest for the parliamentary seat in his home. He defeated the incumbent Hon Namuyangu who went to court on account of Kamba’s election violence. Kamba sailed through but again his victory was challenged in Court over academic qualifications. He went over that too and in recognition of his role in the election violence in Busoga region, Museveni rewarded him with a ministerial appointment (Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs). The Parliamentary Appointments Committee rejected the appointment on the same grounds of questionable academic qualifications.

Does Saleh Kamba realise that he is now used by the mafias against fellow MPs but his sponsors will dump him at the end of the day.

Kayiira Murder Mystery continues but the suspects are still at large!

Posted by: Robukui
Last week marked 27 years since the mysterious murder of one of Uganda’s leading statesman, Andrew Lutakome Kayiira on 6th March 1987.

Suspects:Yoweri Museveni and other unknown conspirators.

Motive:Political Assassination.

Kayiira had been one o the leaders of the anti-Iddi Amin groups during the 1970s. After the fall …of Iddi Amin, he was a leading member of the post Amin UNLF government. Following the disputed 1980 Presidential elections, Kayiira formed a formidable guerrilla organisation, UFM with bases in Buganda. His group, unlike Museveni’s NRA that was a southern army against northerners, had the likes of Hussein Adda, Mark Kodil and others who were from West Nile region. Interestingly, even Rwandese who were NRA’s trademark like Ndugute alias Kalisoliso joined hands with Kayiira. Initially, his group was more acceptable by the Baganda and the DP in particular than Museveni’s NRA. This was a cause of worry for Museveni who was struggling to sell his group to the Bagand at the time.

After neutralising the Prof. Yusuf Lule group, Museveni embarked on destroyin the Andrew Kayiira group. He initiated a number of meetings with the group notably the infamous Kikunyu conference where close collaboration was agreed between the two groups. At one time the two groups agreed to jointly attack the UNLA in Lubiri but Museveni’s NRA never showed up at the last hour. Though the UFM went ahead with the plan, the NRA waylaid them upon withdrawing and charged almost all the weapons they had acquired from the attack on the Lubiri barracks. In fact, Sonko Lutaaya drove a lorry load of arms that had been got from the Lubiri and defected with them to the NRA. Museveni used to gather intelligence about UFM using the likes of Kasirye Gwanga and then indirectly pass it on to the government to the detriment of UFM. By 1984, the UFM had been weakened drastically giving rise to a new faction called FEDEMO.

Following the Okello coup of 1985, Kayiira reorganised his UFM and joined hands with the new government in Kampala together with FEDEMO under George Nkwanga. A few of his soldiers under the command of the likes of Kasirye Gwanga, Ndugute aka Kalisoliso and others defected to the NRA in the west. Upon taking over of of power by Museveni in January 1986, Andrew Kayiira handed in his troops to the NRA and Museveni appointed him a cabinet Minister. However, within the NRA, the former government soldiers (UNLA) had ceased being a threat but instead it was UFM and FEDEMO who were treated with suspicion for being “Bipingamizi” (counter revolutionary). Systematic harassment of former UFM and FEDEMO soldiers became the norm.

In October 1986, Andrew Kayiira and a couple of leading Baganda politicians were arrested on charges of treason for plotting a coup against the Museveni government. Following these arrests, there was a purge against former UFM and FEDEMO soldiers within NRA. Some were arrested while others fled into exile while many were rendered redundant (katebe) or deserted. The treason trial against Kayiiira and group involved some senior Baganda army officers like Fred Bogere, Drago Nyanzi and Kasirye Gwanga as State witnesses. In February 1987, Andrew Kayiira was acquitted of treason charges by the High Court and released from Luzira Prison. Museveni did not like what courts had done and throughout the late 80s and early 90s he was always at log heads with the Judiciary. At the time courts were still independent unlike the case now when he has successfully planted his cadre judges in courts of law.

Hardly a month after his release, Andrew Kayiira was gunned down by gunmen while at a friend’s house in the Kampala suburb of Rukuli. Within the NRA the news were received with jubilation because the Kipingamizi had been eliminated. For the former FEDEMO and UFM officers in the NRA, they had been orphaned by the murder of Andrew Kayiira. Government engaged the services of Scotland Yard to investigate the murder. In April 1987, the NRA arrested five suspects who were all former UFM/FEDEMO soldiers in connection with the murder. In August 1989, the High Court acquitted all the five suspects but the NRA re-arrested them from within the court premisses and whisked them away to an unknown destination todate. In March 1988, the High Court had released the other prominent politicians who had earlier been jointly charged with Andrew Kayiira. Only a few army officers of former UFM/FEDEMO were convicted.

Had there been a coup plot?
Yes, the plan had been hatched. It was leaked by Baganda army officers in the NRA like Kasirye Gwanga and Drago Nyanzi who had been contacted by the plotters. The two informed a senior military officer who in turn informed Mueveni and a go-ahead was given for the two “patriotic ugandans” to go ahead and infiltrate the group and keep the government informed. It is the intelligence that failed a successful conviction for having ignored fundamental rules of evidence. Also, there had not been any iota of evidence directly linking Dr Kayiira to the plot. The intelligence relied on circumstantial evidence given the involvement of senior Ex. UFM army offcers. However, had that coup plot succeeded, Uganda would not be in a mess that is in now. The Rwanda genocide and the pillage in Congo would not have been averted. Also the 27 years old northern Uganda insurgency would not have taken root. Most of all, the current bondage that Museveni has subjected ugandas to would have been contained at the initial stage.

Would Kayiira and the Baganda have given in to Museveni?
No. Kayiira at the time was a symbol of Buganda’s military strength against Museveni. For Museveni to diffuse UFM/FEDEMO and tame the Baganda agitators, he needed to eliminate Andrew Kayiira. Since then there has been a systematic allienation of Banganda army officers in the NRA. Museveni hoodwinks the Baganda with the propelling of the insignificant officers like Katumba Wamala, Nalweyiso, Kasirye Gwanga and a few others. Why cant Museveni elevate university graduates like Fred Bogere, Sentongo Dhiba and Mbuga Kojja who were in the bush with him!!! The murder of Andrew Kayiira ended Buganda’s military strength that Museveni was so much worried about. Much earlier during the bush days, Museveni had ‘dealt with ‘ the likes of the influential Kagwa, Mutebi, Seguya and a few others.

Did Scotland Yard unmask the killers??
No. Not conclusively. Scotland yard’s investigations must have hit a snag. Their investigations must have remained at mere speculation and the only obvious fact they may have established was the fact that Kayiira had been a threat to the Museveni and his NRA thus circumstantial evidence that the government had a hand in his murder. That is why they are reluctant to release their findings to thepublic. In 2009 while responding to request by Henry Gombya to release the findings, Scotland Yard objected citing S17 (1) of the Information Act 2000 on grounds that the disclosure would prejudice UK’s relations with Uganda, among other reasons.

Why is it so difficult to find the killers?

Political assassinations are carried out under covert operations by intelligence agencies using special forces/units/squads. Such operations don’t involve the ordinary military commanders and ordinary soldiers. Apart from the President who is the main beneficiary of such operations, the other players are never known by the public, not even within security circles. covert operations also called CoveOps are operations that are so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. It is intended to create a political effect which can have implications in the military, intelligence or law enforcement arenas. Covert operations aim to fulfill their mission objectives without any parties knowing who sponsored the operation.

Whoever, Museveni sent to finish off Kayiira, no doubt some key elements at DMI in Basiima house at the time must have been involved. Given Mueveni’s method of work, it highly likely that even the DMI at the time, Mugisha Muntu was not involved in the operations more especially given Muntu’s straightforwardness. Because Muntu is principled, that is why he did not last long at DMI. So long as Paul Kagame was very influential in DMI, Museveni had the free day. At the time DMI had an extention at CPS that was manned by Museveni’s historical close confidant, Aronda Nyakairima. Under Aronda, were officers like Rwija, Muruli, Wilson Gumisiriza (Rwanda), Kakwavu (Rwanda), Mutabazi Muhwezi (rwanda), Rwigamba (Rwanda), Oswald Murenzi (Rwanda), Mbugani (rwanda) and a few others. From CPS, Aronda controlled all the major Police stations in and around Kampala because at the time the NRA had taken over the powers of policing. In such covert operations, what matters is the intervening/responding force what matters is the intervening/responding force after the execution of the mission. In the instant case it would have been the Police patrol to immediately respond to the shootings but again CPS and all the major police staitions were under the command and control of Aronda. In such covert operations what matters is to compromise any intervening force that can intercept the executors before or after the mission. At the time, the regular police that the NRA had adopted from the previous government had been rendered inactive and had little or no say in policing.

For purposes of military operations, the security of Kampala area had been assigned to the NRA that was based at Lubiri barracks under the Command of Gen. Tinyefuza. Since this was not a military operation that required troops from Lubiri barracks, there was no need of involving any of the top commanders from Lubiri barracks. Instead, it was a precise operation that required survelling the principal (Kayiira), reconaisance of the premisses before hand, execution and safe get away into safety. Even if, the soldiers from Lubiri at the time carried out regular foot patrols in and around Kampala, the DMI too had a free hand in night operations in any part of the city. Under the overall command of a powerful person under DMI, operatives of DMI must have carried out the shooting while DMI at CPS provided the cover for getting away into safety and erasing any traces of evidence. In the circumstances, there is no way Government officers like Paul Ssemogerere and Dr. Besigye who were heading the Ministry of Internal Affairs could have any information as to how Dr. Kayiira was murdered.

The different speculative versions of Dr. Kayiira;s murder are just imaginations of Hollywood film scenes. Imagine Senior army officers communicating on walkie tackies (radio calls) about the mission accomplished! This was a covert operation that is not planned by army Generals. However, what is obvious is that immediately after the killing of Dr. Kayiira, NRA units more especially those around Kampala must have been placed on standby Class One for fear of an uprising by pro-Kayiira army officers in the NRA and other Baganda loyalists. The latest speculation in the London Evening Post is that a one Ssesanga Mvule of DMI was involved in the murder of Dr. Kayiira. The Ssessanga under DMI and later DMI is Vincent Ssesanga aka Munabuddu. He was formerly of UFM who crossed to the NRA an early stage. He served in military intelligence under 7th Battalion and later 157 Brigade in Mbale as the Brigade I.O in the late 80s before he was recalled to the head office and grounded (Katebe). During the early 90s, he headed the military intelligence training school in Ssese Islands. When the school was moved to Kaweweta in Ngoma, Ssessanga remained around CMI headquarters a frustrated officer without assignment (Katebe) but thrived on handouts and information peddling about Buganda.

The killers of Dr. Kayiira will never be known. The best way to honor him would be to redirect all efforts towards dislodging Museveni from power and restore democratic governance because that is what he stood for.


M7 should explain the shs.13b meant for Army workshops- Gen.Sejusa!

Posted by: Dr.Magombe Vincent

Fellow Ugandans

Uganda is going through interesting times and hope all pro-democracy actors are thinking seriously about the options open to us as we get closer to the crossroads. All segments, those who believe that change can be achieved through peaceful means and those who think that a mixture of means is the solution need to carry out a forensic assessment of objectives, capabilities, limitations, Museveni’s own options and those around him who exercise power, ostensibly on his behalf but in reality pursuing their own political agendas.


For instance, how much control in real terms does Mr Museveni have over these individuals? As his system grows weaker and disjointed, how much does Mr Museveni actually control? Are we perhaps beginning to see Mr Museveni being consumed by the very monster he created, i.e, the rise of real power centres which he cannot control and is increasingly becoming powerless?

Because by Museveni destroying institutions, he destroyed the very mechanisms that would save him in his hour of need. Some of us warned him many times but he couldn’t take heed mainly because of his selfish designs to hold on to power no matter what. He didn’t envisage that there will come a time when he will have reduced energy and limited mental grasp of events by mere passage of time.
Perhaps should Ugandans start getting concerned and worried about the danger the country faces when we face total collapse of the formal state and power is held by clusters of self-serving power centres with diverse interests?

It is time for Ugandans to start seriously thinking about the real problem of whether Mr Museveni has the capacity, in real terms, to offer substantive reforms which would be deemed to undermine the interests of these power centres which have arisen out of the corruption, cronyism and family rule over time?


The second point I wish to touch on is what came to light from a member of FREEDOM AND UNITY FRONT, Mrs Zoe Bakoko Bakoru.

The Former senior Minister has written and given extensive interviews on the current state in the country, especially in regard to corruption and abuse of institutions by Mr Museveni.

Her revelations are important because they come from an insider. Mrs Bakoru was serving in an area where the Museveni’s stealing clique has perfected the methods through which they swindle public funds.
What she says is only a tip of the iceberg and she has come up with information of a rather extensive network used to stash away stolen money to foreign banks.

She talks about the arm-twisting of public officials to put in place mechanisms through which State house deploys informal staff to coordinate these illegal activities in ministries and areas like the Bank of Uganda etc.

While government spin doctors may dismiss her revelations and try to point to her alleged personal involvement, the main point she makes is that officials in these positions are held captive, with a muzzle over their heads to comply or be framed.

There are many officials still serving the Museveni government who find themselves in this situation. What they need to know, however, is that the dictatorship will sacrifice them when they no longer serve its purpose. The examples are many to learn from. Even as we see what is currently happening to some of the very senior leaders in NRM.

In her coming exposure, she talks about the times she was warned of dire consequences if she didn’t cooperate and turn a blind eye. Things like when fictitious projects are floated to justify the access to these funds.


The examples are many. Like when Mr Museveni called her and told her she will have to let a certain officer(names withheld for now as he is still serving in government) to access UGSHS 13 billion of workers money under classified expenditure categorisation where he claimed it would be used to build Army workshops. None of these workshops were ever built but more important perhaps is the point that the whole activity was illegal.

These illegal actions are very costly to the country. Currently we see the UPDF entangled in a one-sided way, in a civil conflict in South Sudan, where Ugandan soldiers have died in hundreds, millions of dollars spent and increasingly isolating Uganda and exposing Mr Museveni’s lack of foresight when he faces a serious problem with his exit strategy.

Therefore all Ugandans should start thinking about the change agenda in broader terms than merely concentrating on having someone to replace Mr Museveni in Kampala. The problems which confront us are huge and as leaders, we need to raise the bar on the issues that need to be discussed and reformed.

I thank you

Gen David Sejusa


We are going to fight homosexuality, but work hard and be self reliant – President urges Ugandans

March 01, 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to work hard and get out of poverty, warning that when one is lazy they can’t fight a war like the one on homosexuality.
“You are congratulating me for signing this bill and it has already opened a war with us and those who support gays come from. An not concerned about that war, am more concerned about the laziness here. When you are lazy, you can’t fight. They will cut off their aid and support. That is why the campaign to wake up our people to work hard for food and money is important. Even this war on homosexuality, we are going to fight it, but let us also produce more for money and food,” he said.

The President was today speaking as a the Guest of Honour at the installation ceremony of the new Archbishop of Tororo Diocese His Grace Dr. Emmanuel Obbo at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral Nyangole in Tororo Municipality, Tororo district.

Archbishop Emmanuel Obbo who has been the Bishop of Soroti diocese, was appointed by Pope Francis as the 3rd Metropolitan Archbishop of Tororo on the 2nd January 2014.

President Museveni called on religious leaders in the Uganda to encourage their followers to adopt modern commercial farming that will not only improve their house hold incomes but will also assist religious institutions with their financial needs as well as help boost the economy of the country in general.

“I was watching the gifts which people were giving as offertory and tithe. I like the gifts, but I want the Church to work with us. Our society is still organised along subsistence agriculture. We want to organise them towards a modern society where people bring cheques not one stick of sugarcane like the one I saw here, because it will be better for the church, individual and our economy,” he said.

He said a money economy would ensure that all Christians are rich and can support Church projects, adding that each family should be involved in commercial projects that would earn them at least 20 million shillings annually and also provide them with food.

The President who said he had to block everything on his programme including turning down an invitation to attend the wedding of President Mugabe’s daughter in Zimbabwe to celebrate with the people of Tororo upon the appointment of his long personal friend Archibishop Obbo to his new calling however, lost his God father whom he had to go and bury in Western Uganda. Before he left however, the President who described Archbishop Obbo as his good friend, said he could not come empty handed to such a great ceremony, adding that since a shepherd needs shoes as he ministers to his people, he had brought him a vehicle to ease his work.

The colourful ceremony was witnessed by Christians from all the 5 dioceses that include, Soroti, Moroto, Jinja, Kotido and the host diocese Tororo. The holy mass was celebrated by the new Archbishop Dr. Emmanuel Obbo, assisted by the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Micheal August Blume and several Bishops and the clergy.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals Engineer Irene Muloni called on all the youth to cherish and value christian marriage. Engineer Muloni and her husband Felix Muloni were recently blessed by Pope Francis for celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

The new Archbishop Dr. Emmanuel Obbo who had just returned from attending a symposium in Angola told the congregation said Uganda today needs solidarity because of its popularity worldwide. The prelate commended Pesident Museveni for the heroic act of signing the anti homosexual bill.

“Mr. President I thank you very much for the heroic act you did when you signed the bill I was in Angola attending a symposium. Let us not be shaken by the threats. Uganda is Uganda. Let Uganda be Uganda. Where ever you go today in the world Uganda is the flower of Africa,” he said.

The area MP San jay Tana on behalf of the people of Tororo Municipality appreciated the hard work and commitment of Archbishop Obbo in fulfilling his pastoral duties. He also commended President Museveni for signing the anti homosexuality bill describing it as a vanguard for the core moral values the church stands for.


UAH is standing shoulder to shoulder with Museveni on homosexuality!

”Ugandans at Heart(UAH); you are telling blatant lies to your audience that President Yoweri Museveni’s daughter Diana Kamuntu appeared on unnamed radio station in Uganda today and admitted she is gay. Diana Kamuntu has NOT appeared on any radio station nor has she spoken publicly anywhere that she is gay. You are trying to blackmail President Museveni for having signed the anti-gay law, BUT for sure you will NOT succeed. SHAME ON YOU!!! Lies dont last.”

Opondo-Opondo P’odel.
ED Uganda Government Media Centre.

We would like to inform Mr. Opondo that it wasn’t UAH that started the above allegations, and we have already posted a statement on our forums kind of defending the president and his family particularly on this issue. It is just wrong for the media center to always assume the worst of UAH or look at UAH as an enemy rather a friend on issues of national importance. At least, We are friends on this issue and we hope it remains that way! We believe that the story was manufactured by the pro-gay lobby to tarnish the name of the president and his family.

Mind you, this is the second story that has so far been manufactured online( in a space of 2-3 days) to tarnish president Museveni, and UAH has got nothing to do with it.

Thank you!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba.

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