UAH is standing shoulder to shoulder with Museveni on homosexuality!

”Ugandans at Heart(UAH); you are telling blatant lies to your audience that President Yoweri Museveni’s daughter Diana Kamuntu appeared on unnamed radio station in Uganda today and admitted she is gay. Diana Kamuntu has NOT appeared on any radio station nor has she spoken publicly anywhere that she is gay. You are trying to blackmail President Museveni for having signed the anti-gay law, BUT for sure you will NOT succeed. SHAME ON YOU!!! Lies dont last.”

Opondo-Opondo P’odel.
ED Uganda Government Media Centre.

We would like to inform Mr. Opondo that it wasn’t UAH that started the above allegations, and we have already posted a statement on our forums kind of defending the president and his family particularly on this issue. It is just wrong for the media center to always assume the worst of UAH or look at UAH as an enemy rather a friend on issues of national importance. At least, We are friends on this issue and we hope it remains that way! We believe that the story was manufactured by the pro-gay lobby to tarnish the name of the president and his family.

Mind you, this is the second story that has so far been manufactured online( in a space of 2-3 days) to tarnish president Museveni, and UAH has got nothing to do with it.

Thank you!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba.



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  1. Hello Abbey,
    Thank you very much for defending the UAH on this ‘foolish’ allegation. Looking at this allegation critically, I then ask myself why such an ugly allegation should be used in the name of the UAH. Then I get the answer. The UAH is the Voice of the Ugandans At Heart in the real sense of the word. For this reason, someone who wanted to turnish the name of the President of Uganda and his family thought of how the allegations could carry some weight. He, or she knows that the UAH, being what it truly is, then the allegation could easily be believed.
    I am ofcourse displeased by such allegations, but perhaps to console myself I have to realize the important role the UAH is playing for the good of our country. On such an issue the Moderator assures us that he is alert for our defence and will always do so for the security of our ‘Voices’ at the UAH.
    Abbey, this is only to convey my gratitude for the action you took, with minimum delay to put the record straight. Thank you very much;
    BJ. Rubin.

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