We are going to fight homosexuality, but work hard and be self reliant – President urges Ugandans

March 01, 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to work hard and get out of poverty, warning that when one is lazy they can’t fight a war like the one on homosexuality.
“You are congratulating me for signing this bill and it has already opened a war with us and those who support gays come from. An not concerned about that war, am more concerned about the laziness here. When you are lazy, you can’t fight. They will cut off their aid and support. That is why the campaign to wake up our people to work hard for food and money is important. Even this war on homosexuality, we are going to fight it, but let us also produce more for money and food,” he said.

The President was today speaking as a the Guest of Honour at the installation ceremony of the new Archbishop of Tororo Diocese His Grace Dr. Emmanuel Obbo at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral Nyangole in Tororo Municipality, Tororo district.

Archbishop Emmanuel Obbo who has been the Bishop of Soroti diocese, was appointed by Pope Francis as the 3rd Metropolitan Archbishop of Tororo on the 2nd January 2014.

President Museveni called on religious leaders in the Uganda to encourage their followers to adopt modern commercial farming that will not only improve their house hold incomes but will also assist religious institutions with their financial needs as well as help boost the economy of the country in general.

“I was watching the gifts which people were giving as offertory and tithe. I like the gifts, but I want the Church to work with us. Our society is still organised along subsistence agriculture. We want to organise them towards a modern society where people bring cheques not one stick of sugarcane like the one I saw here, because it will be better for the church, individual and our economy,” he said.

He said a money economy would ensure that all Christians are rich and can support Church projects, adding that each family should be involved in commercial projects that would earn them at least 20 million shillings annually and also provide them with food.

The President who said he had to block everything on his programme including turning down an invitation to attend the wedding of President Mugabe’s daughter in Zimbabwe to celebrate with the people of Tororo upon the appointment of his long personal friend Archibishop Obbo to his new calling however, lost his God father whom he had to go and bury in Western Uganda. Before he left however, the President who described Archbishop Obbo as his good friend, said he could not come empty handed to such a great ceremony, adding that since a shepherd needs shoes as he ministers to his people, he had brought him a vehicle to ease his work.

The colourful ceremony was witnessed by Christians from all the 5 dioceses that include, Soroti, Moroto, Jinja, Kotido and the host diocese Tororo. The holy mass was celebrated by the new Archbishop Dr. Emmanuel Obbo, assisted by the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Micheal August Blume and several Bishops and the clergy.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals Engineer Irene Muloni called on all the youth to cherish and value christian marriage. Engineer Muloni and her husband Felix Muloni were recently blessed by Pope Francis for celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

The new Archbishop Dr. Emmanuel Obbo who had just returned from attending a symposium in Angola told the congregation said Uganda today needs solidarity because of its popularity worldwide. The prelate commended Pesident Museveni for the heroic act of signing the anti homosexual bill.

“Mr. President I thank you very much for the heroic act you did when you signed the bill I was in Angola attending a symposium. Let us not be shaken by the threats. Uganda is Uganda. Let Uganda be Uganda. Where ever you go today in the world Uganda is the flower of Africa,” he said.

The area MP San jay Tana on behalf of the people of Tororo Municipality appreciated the hard work and commitment of Archbishop Obbo in fulfilling his pastoral duties. He also commended President Museveni for signing the anti homosexuality bill describing it as a vanguard for the core moral values the church stands for.




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  1. Shem Mukisa,

    Dear Patrons
    Whether we like it or not, the Law is in place. In uganda we have to examine the consequences. First, a war has been declared and we need to examine the level of preparedness and strategically position ourselves for a win. As research scientist, How is research being used as a weapon against us Ugandans? 99% of health research is sponsored by proponents of homosexuality. Won’t the numerous research projects turn into weapons of warfare especialy in as far as they directly affect the welfare of human beings? Then what should we do to avert the adverse effects? I propose we stop all health, nutrition, pollution, projects sponsored by adverseries and consider them security threats until we have satisfed ourselves that there is no threat. Also there must be a Fair Share of Benefits. First on the list is the AIDs projects in Rakai, then the Bubonic plague project in westNile, then the Cancer and project like the army controlled JCRC, Makerere Case Western Reserve, Johns Hopkins, etc Anything remotely related to the application of vaccine trials, drug trials, behaviourial studies, epidemiological surveys in Northern and other parts of Uganda affected by rarev diseases , should all be halted. Subject these to examinations for Fair share of benefits and we may surprised by the results that ugandan have been subjects to tuskageee like experiments.

  2. Shem Mukasa,
    Only to convey my appreciation for your observation that you have shared with us here. I honestly hope that all Ugandans will get this message and follow your advice. Thank you very much.

  3. ojangole,

    i thought in all the cases you have quoted we get the money and the research is done by our scientists themselves. i still don’t see the risk

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