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Hon Saleh Kamba is the member of parliament for Kibuku in eastern Uganda. He is the leading petitioner in a petition that seeks to bar the three ‘rebel’ M.Ps from accessing parliament after they were expelled from NRA by Museveni.

Saleh Kamba joined the NRA in 1987 while he was in his 2nd year of secondary education. After completing his basic infa…ntry training he was posted to the Directorate of Records where he was trained as a records clerk. As a clerk, he was attached to different departments of the army including Supplies and Barracks & Stores. It is during his service in these two departments that then Sgt Kamba made a cash fortune as was the norm. It is the Junior staff like clerks, secretaries and office messengers who coordinated most of the cash-making shoddy deals in these departments. Such juniors in the NRA accumulated wealth even before some senior officers opened their eyes to personal wealth creation.

By 1992, Sgt Saleh Kamba had completed constructing a personal modern house in Rubaga, Kampala and drove a Mark II car. Still Saleh Kamba envied his superiors whom he occasionally witnessed siphoning off billions of cash by virtue of their office positions that corresponded with their academic background. Sgt Saleh Kamba too embarked on an ambitious program of improving his academic C.V. Around late 90s, he registered for studies by correspondence. Within a period of 2 – 3 years he had accomplished 3 degrees (including a Masters), 7 diplomas and 14 certificates – all in the field of financial accounting. He really studied hard for these courses, he used a room at a ministry of defence building on Balintuma road in Mengo as a study room. These qualifications elevated his to the rank of Lt in the army and from clerical to the Finance department as an accountant. He also used the promotions to accumulate more cash from the usual shoddy deals in the NRA.

Earlier on, he had developed political ambition having been inspired by his home area being represented by a one Moses Wagira during the Constituent Assembly (CA). Saleh Kamba always described Moses Wagira as inefficient and vowed to unseat the area Member of Parliament, HON Nanepher Namuyangu. However, he realised that his academic qualifications could only be accepted in the army and not in the public office. He embarked on acquiring the equivalence of “O” and “A” level qualifications. He registered for UNEB group certificate examinations at the YMCA in Kampala and acquired the certificates.

Having acquired the required qualifications, Saleh Kamba retired from the army and went to contest for the parliamentary seat in his home. He defeated the incumbent Hon Namuyangu who went to court on account of Kamba’s election violence. Kamba sailed through but again his victory was challenged in Court over academic qualifications. He went over that too and in recognition of his role in the election violence in Busoga region, Museveni rewarded him with a ministerial appointment (Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs). The Parliamentary Appointments Committee rejected the appointment on the same grounds of questionable academic qualifications.

Does Saleh Kamba realise that he is now used by the mafias against fellow MPs but his sponsors will dump him at the end of the day.



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  1. Peter Simon,


    Brother, Saleh Kamba believes in the power of money. But seriously, if what you say about Saleh is true, do you expect such a person to care or to think of what may happen?

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