Why should the opposition care about the drama in NRM? So what if YKM kicks out PM Mbabazi? So what if the IGP Mr. Kale Kayihura-I say it again he was a very decent fellow -now nicknamed ”Mr. tear gas” by Mrs Mbabazi goes after NRM rebels and those bribed by the Mbabazis ? How many times have these NRM goons, okay, youth wingers terrorized oppo…sition youth wingers? How come when that was happening Mrs.Mbabazi never called the IGP Mr tear gas? How come when Arinaitwe was captured whipping Dr KB Mrs. Mbabazi said nothing? Hehehe.

Let Mr. “tear gas” and Ms. Akullo go after those crooks. How dare they use NRM money to bribe goons?

Also, why does Hon Anite’s age -she is 29 years old-matter? So how come a n 29 year old outmaneuvered the PM camp?

If NRM is crumbling the last thing the opposition should do is show sympathy for PM. Is it not the case of what “you wished for wind has brought down? I mean for a damn 28 years, the opposition has been hoping for the disintegration and when those signs appear, suddenly the opposition takes sides in the NRM fight? Why?

I would have thought that the opposition would ignore the drama, to be sure the embarrassment the PM and members of his political family, wife and sister in law are enduring. BTW, the sister in law was defeated in Kabale by a tsunami of forces including religion, Ms. Museveni and Minister Henry Banyenzaki. These forces came together to cut Hope Mwesigye to size. She has no chance of bouncing back politicaaly , hence the frustration and anger.

The PM is done. His downfall has a lot in common with how Charles Njonjo fell. It went on for a few days until the hammer came down.

I doubt the PM has anything closer to the apparatus Charles Njonjo had in place. He almost ran a parallel state.

The IGP and the minister of Internal Affairs, retired General Aronda have the PM and his supporters corned. The PM should have listened to Tinye.

Very soon, YKM will call for national elections to purge the PM’s people from leadership positions. Hon Anite may as well go down as the young MP who put paid the PM ‘s political ambitions.

To be honest I do not see the PM as presidential material, but hey, we are taking about Uganda where anyone can delude themselves, so he allowed those thoughts to cross his mind and he will soon pay the political price.

The PM is a not a likeable fellow at all and that means a lot in politics. Notice that it is only his political family standing up to the NRM machinery. Why is that the case if he is as popular or presidential material? When Njonjo went down, he took with him political heavy weights including the Masai maestro the late Stanley Oloi Tip Tip, GG Kariuki and others. But who will go down with the PM?

It may sound funny, but If it is true as the opposition claims that the fall of NRM is imminent, then they have only the IGP aka Mr. Tear Gas to thank. And of course the youthful Hon Anite who outsmarted the PM. Her move caught the PM napping like maziwa lala. The rest is history. Notice how YKM makes them look fools in military attire in Kyankwanzi.

Let me say that Mr. Kale Kayihura was a very fine fellow. That much many can attest to. There was no sign of violence in him. Nothing kabisa. He is just caught up in YKM’s prison.

Notice too that YKM recently named new RDCs! ‘




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  1. Peter Simon,


    The Opposition, in my opinion, should indeed be concerned about PM Mbabazi; he is SG of NRM. Those two positions make him a very very important man whose successes/failures need to be followed keenly.
    I don’t know if you remember Mbabazi’s past utterances? At one time he indicated that he would go nowhere, that he cannot abandon President Museveni and that if he is to go, he will go together with Museveni. This is very important, so if he is going now, and if he keeps his word, then M7 is going too! So why shouldn’t Opposition be interested in his going out?
    As Besigye has offered Mbabazi an olive branch, there is much to gain from dissidents of any party; imagine if the Opposition adds Mbabazi to the gain made of Sejusa, won’t that be a blow to NRM?
    Sympathizing with Mbabazi is welcoming him to join ranks with it but not pitying him; and remember, Uganda belongs to all of us including Mbabazi so if there is malice, it is our responsibility to help him; we want fair treatment for all whether pro- NRM or Opposition members, let there be fairness.

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