VOTE: Do you want Ms.Shilah Natukunda Nagumana banned from UAH forum?

Do you want Shilah Natukunda Nagumana banned from UAH forum?

Please go the link above to cast your vote. Votes made here on face book would be considered invalid because some people have more than one account on face book. Once, you have voted, please click to see the results yourself.

As you all know, Membership on UAH is issued in accordance with the requirements of the UAH rules and guidelines on the right hand side of this page. Unless the UAH laws say otherwise, a member will cease to hold a membership if:
1. The member dies;
2. The member unsubscribed from the forum or asked to be unsubscribed;
3. The member is expelled or their membership is terminated in accordance with the UAH laws.

The UAH rules specifically allow the moderator (in this case, it’s me) the power to discipline a member or to terminate their membership if they are breaking rules. In other words, the rules set out the circumstances and the manner in which the power may be exercised. This means that the laws must prescribe the process to be followed to terminate a membership or discipline a member, including matters such as:
•notice to the member;
•whether the member will be given the right to be heard or provide submissions;
•how the decision to terminate or discipline is to be made; and
•Whether the decision is final and binding on the member, or is subject to appeal.

However, Ms. Natukunda’s situation is unique. Some members want her out; some don’t; I certainly don’t want her out, but, at the same time, we need a way forward on this. And that’s why we are subjecting this to a vote. Results would be revealed on Sunday night, God willing! So, till that time, she remains a member of UAH and she could use this thread to make her case to other members if she wants.

Byebyo ebyange!

Abbey Semuwemba



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  1. Lutimba,

    You have not told us why Shilah is being expelled. What is her case? I don’t remember reading anywhere about her crime.

  2. Hello Abbey,
    I certainly know that you find it difficult to lose a member of this forum, but only when the case against such a member is strong enough, but also simply for the good of the UAH forum.
    I appreciate your idea to ask for other members’ opinions before you make your decision. However, I sincerely don’t remember reading anything of ‘bad taste’ from Ms. Shilah Natukunda Nagumana. If perhaps, I might have missed her e-mails, have you had time to caution her before you make a decision? I realise also that at times our debates come to a point where some members are overwhelmed by emotions and write statements which could be avoided in a normal situation. For this, please Abbey consider my observation.
    Hoping that you’ll consider and make a fair decision, I wish you well.

  3. I think every one has right to post his or her opinion provided its not abusive ,ive never read any violent post from ms nagumana she deserves fair treatment

  4. Ben,

    Hi Abbey, I thick losing one person its not big deal in most case she talks abt something like tribes, I do not know weather she want divide uganda! UAH is for ugnadan we need to unite not to separate b’se of one person

  5. Julius Peter Moto,

    Why do you want to BAN her. If her posts do not steer hate and dissent, then your actions will contradict free speech and free expressions. If her posts go against the rules and are sectarian, you have the power to delete it……….On another serious Note, you have failed to MODERATE ON SOME COMMENTS THAT PAINT NEGATIVE IMAGE OF OUR COUNTRY UGANDA…posts against leaders are ok BUT POSTS AGAINST UGANDA ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE…. YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF THIS PAGE SHOULD DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THESE TWO TYPES OF POSTS…

  6. Frederick Bintanula,

    I’ve always read Ms Nagumana’s posts & found some being vital for the forum, while others seam tobe attacking an individual & his subjects . With hope that she apologies to the UAH members, I don’t have trouble with staying in the house of UAH.

  7. Frederick Bintanula,

    I’ve always read Ms Nagumana’s posts & found some being vital for the forum, while others seam tobe attacking an individual & his subjects . With hope that she apologies to the UAH members, I don’t have trouble with her staying in the house of UAH.

  8. I view Nagumana as a funny person being sent from somewhere to come and embarrass others! It’s paramount to warn her to stop post embarrassing stuff, and let her continue with us! It’s so painful to be BANNED from the group, it makes you miss a lot of information and a way of socializing with other people you are used to!

  9. Armstrong Favour,

    Let Nagumana Stay Because Those Who Against Her Were Burnt By The Fire They Started On Nagumana’s Posts And Which Are Never Targeting Any Body.Let Those Who Wants Her Away Reconcile And Reason For Abetter Uganda And Comment Positively On Nagumana’s Posts Not Tribally. NAGUMANA SHOULD STAY.

  10. ritah jahaz,

    the fact is somtings provoke and stir feelings

  11. Odur Thomas Mande,

    Please guys let the lady stay since we should know better not to gag peoples freedom of speech, yes she has an acidic and barbed tongue but that is what spices life and UAH as a whole. We all can’t all think and act the same.

  12. Nkwatsibwe Duncan,

    To make it fair,i also request 4 the impeachment of Kungu Muhammed..not only r his posts abusive,tribalistic,they r treasonable..Supporting my statement.check his last post where he is urging fellow baganda 2 kill all banyankole and banyarwanda in buganda and u didnt even warn him..
    Mr.Abbey,if u do this because some idiot asked u to,Ur integrity as at stake as it has always been

  13. For the goodness of UAH she must be banned.

  14. since when did kabaka become subject to discussion on facebook more over by ignorant fellows

  15. Pliz administrators diconect this member bcoz she’s trabalistic n abusive especialy to Baganda n their kabaka. Let nagumana go!

  16. I think she should stay for the good purpose of the forum. She is Ugandan and therefore belongs to the community of Ugandans and better still, to this one of the Ugandans At Heart. She should, like others be encouraged to state her mind without fear, but ofcourse cautioned about the line she must not cross.
    How can we say that we want ‘Democracy’ in our country and yet deprive a fellow Ugandan At Heart the right to state her mind free of fear?
    Ms. Shilah Natukunda Nagumana should stay with the UAH and even be encouraged to state her mind, but in observation of the rules of this forum. I also imagine that this debate about her could have made her realise where she might have gone wrong.

  17. Micheal Tendo Ashley Snr,

    Have made research for two weeks n i realised Kyeyune med is Nagumana shilah.. runs two accounts..

  18. Robukui,

    What nonsense is this?

  19. Hello Robukui,
    Do you mean the one who “runs two accounts…”, or the one who claims to expose them?

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