The Amin Museveni didn’t want Ugandans to know about!

:Friends,In my second part of defense to Ubora Wake Rais maisha, I am going to narrow this very long piece to two sectors that need a massive clarification about the presidency of Field Marshall Iddi Amin Dada, namely a claim that he murdered millions of Ugandans and secondly I need to address why a term essential commodities was introduced into Uganda vocabulary. I am going to start straight away with did Iddi Amin murdered the claimed people. And here we go !!!!!!!

One of the major reasons why Iddi Amin’s government survived that long was because he had a very well paid and well trained intelligence network. The poor fellow had enemies from day one and very serious enemies, all way from Western countries to Tanzania. In as much as I have tried to go after Ocen Nekyon’ s disinformation in the forum, he still remains the man I have a sour mouth on because he was among The Ugandans that destabilized Uganda a great deal from Tanzania, and he is telling only half of the story. By the time you finish to read the last sentence of this piece you will get a bite of the second half he does not make public. For the purpose of this writing I am going to use the name Ocen Nekyon to represent the Tanzania character. Among those intelligence networks was a The State Research Bureau that was located in Nakasero. The organization murdered Ugandans that were going after the state, and that must go on record.

But by far and large the Ugandans that were murdered in our country were directly or indirectly murdered by The Ocen Nekyon’ s. Directly that they had contacts in Uganda mainly Rwandese that would show up and murder an individual for a sole purpose of selling Iddi Amin as a killer. They would also set you up with information that State Research was hunting for to enable the organization itself arrest you and kill you. For example they would write a letter to you from Tanzania stating that you have been very helpful in their cause of removing the government and they are waiting on you to accomplish the second part you promised. They would send that letter in a way that State research gets its hands on it, and although you knew nothing about it and you had no plans what so ever to do next, you had a very tough time explaining the letter to State Research. You were arrested and killed by the state. They would target you and thank you for the money you sent them, they would thank you for the weapons you have planted for them into Uganda, they would warn you about a load of weapons about to arrive in Uganda at such a day and at a such a mode of transportation, leak such information to you in a way that state research gets it then you end up arrested and thus killed by the state. We lived in a very tough situation for it took very long time to understand that the people arrested were actually arrested innocently.

The establishment of Radio Tanzania, also played a great deal into educating Ugandans on the planting of evidence, for as soon as a Ugandan was murdered at home Radio Tanzania would read that particular name and how he was killed and at what place. It then started to become interesting on how such information was transmitted to Tanzania and at such a speed. We started to realize that the killers organized from Tanzania were the ones relaying the information to the Radio Station. Iddi Amin did not target Ugandans for you are a rich man, he did not target a Ugandan for you had a different religion, but if you in some way appeared to be anti-state he would go after you. At a time we had an army and a Police force that really had no reason to go after you, and if you were in uniform and you killed a Ugandan someone would get to you and very fast, there are faces that you never wanted to come across, Mustafa Adiris? No that was bad news. Alli Towilli in Police Services? Now that was a very bad idea. Ssentamu in prisons? You really never wanted to sit across the table with that man. I will pull in names like Nassur Abdullah the Governor, no you did not want him to know that you killed a Ugandan because he was one of the people with a right to see The president without an appointment, but to ask a simple question, where is number one? And Abdullah would show up. The situation was very under control in a country that had a bunch of enemies from all developed countries and Tanzania. What remains frustrating to today is that The Nekyon’ s actually publicly agree that they engineered the death of many Ugandans in the 70’s to tarnish Iddi Amin’s government, but they refuse to open up and educate us on who was killed and by who in that manner, how many were killed and how they were selected. They stand up and blame the murder of Ugandans to Iddi Amin excluding themselves. It is important to note that in as much as The Ocen Nekyon’ s publish the numbers of people murdered by Amin, when they came to power they charged no one of murder, and Iddi Amin’s government still remain the government whose people remained in Uganda safely some to even to today, for they had no enmity with the population. I am moving to the second part of essential commodities part, before this piece becomes too lengthy.

As a back ground to this part, one needs to understand the difference of the Uganda we had then and the Uganda we have now. Obote two government built the country with most of her daily needs bought by the government, it imported sugar it imported salt it imported soap and it imported the spare parts and all required commodities in the country. Although we had some few business men that started to do business under Mafuta Mingi project, they still had to go to bank of Uganda to apply for the foreign exchange for importation, but by far and large the government imported in everything we needed. There is nothing that has so frustrated me in politics than embargo, they never deliver and they target the innocent population. The Ocen Nekyon used Kenya to hold all Ugandans ransom by throwing an embargo on Uganda goods to come to Uganda. So Iddi Amin would get the money to buy the necessitates from any country, but we had to import it through Mombasa. It is Mombasa that the Ugandans in Tanzania used to strangle our economy.

There was not a single day in Uganda that Uganda government failed to finance any import to Uganda, but on its arrival to Mombasa the Ugandans in Tanzania would connive with The Kenyan government to stop our containers from rolling out of Mombasa. Uganda cars Uganda cement Uganda sugar Uganda salt all started to be auctioned in Kenya than to be sent to its destination, that created a massive shortage of all goods in Uganda which resulted to a creation of a term essential goods/commodities. To understand how Amin was an abled leader, at the pick of Uganda will not get fuel from Mombasa, he directed a creation of an air tanker so that fuel gets jetted into Entebbe than waiting for Mombasa. So the trailers started to suck gas out of air bus than going to Mombasa. The Ocen Nekyon’ s turned around to preach how inefficient is the government for it cannot put sugar on the table of Ugandans which was a true nonsense to the limit of the word.

The few goods that managed to arrive into Kampala, managed to do so because Amin has frightened the Kenyan idiots. And I remember this one time when Moses Ali was sent to Nairobi to talk to the Kenyan government about our containers that were held, we had about 80 containers held on trailers for two weeks. Everything paid but a Kenyan authority in Mombasa denying them a right to leave. Moses Ali being a best negotiator we had at a time flew to Nairobi and talked to state house about the issue, they refused to bulge. Moses Ali called Iddi Amin and told him that Kenya had refused our trailers to move out of Mombasa and head to Uganda. In his great leadership Amin used a public frequency and called on the commander of the Gulu air base, instructed him to air born all The Migs under his power. And the instruction was very clear, instruct your pilots to be airborne start to fly towards Kenya air space but waiting for an instruction to incinerate Kendu Bay off Kenya’s face. Why Kendu Bay? Because Kendu is near Lake Victoria so that can give them an easy in and an easy out, but also it is a small town that has a huge mission occupancy, they had an international delegation taking place and those were people that mattered internationally.

Because this message was sent on a public frequency. The army the Police and air force heard it but so did Kenyan authorities. A word went around in Kendu Bay that a mad man is sending his Migs and they are coming to blow you all up. They started to pack and run for Kenyan air force was watching the Migs really coming in so this was not a joke. Phone calls started to go to a point that Washington called. Uganda government refused to talk to anyone but the Migs continued to enter the Kenya air space. Until when one Kenyan knew exactly what Uganda needed, a phone call to Moses Ali in his Nairobi hotel that the trailers are moving and are Kampala bound. The Migs flew back to Gulu their home base.

Was this a bluff? To today I don’t know but on the anger people had with Kenya, being a lap Dog of the West, a fact that the Israeli planes that attacked Entebbe were packed and fuelled in Nairobi, and no one cared to warn us, I would not have been surprised if a Mig blew Kendu Bay of Kenya face. And since they were to blow it up at rebound they had an ample time to do so. In as much as we want to blame Iddi Amin as a bad leader, one needs to stand up and ask The Ocen Nekyon’ s accountability on the damage they did to our country, our people and our government. You simply cannot stand up to claim how Amin was a failure and lead a poor government yet Tanzania used a whole year to harvest our weapons and our trucks and ammunitions, such a number of artillery will never be owned by a poor country. Tanzania today has an air force for it looted our air crafts. This is a man that found a regulation that C130 must only be owned by an American, and he sought a Libyan kid with American citizenship, he bought the C130 and paid it off with paying all its warranties, then flew it to Libya where it whoops got a Uganda flag. To until few months ago when I stopped to follow that air craft it has been flying to United States to be serviced for Amin paid the maintenance warranty. And yet we paid it all in cash that Iddi Amin never left a single debt on the country.

I thus stand today to defend President Iddi Amin The VC DSO MC And the first African Conqueror of the British Empire.


Friends there are many people I have adored due to their love of that country, Moses Ali was a good man for he carried every single money to and from Uganda yet he never stole it as punks as Stephen Malinga. Men like Ibrahim Mohammed Bilal that flew to Japan to buy all requirements of the OAU to sit in Uganda, a man that was offered a visa to Japan with a right to invite his entire family and extended family to Japan on an assured citizenship. And yet he refused the offer with a single sentence, this money is not for Iddi Amin this money is for Uganda and I cannot steal from my country. That list is large that I can remember and some I cannot remember but I am not going to dedicate this piece to any of them.

I am going to dedicate this piece to a Ugandan that is member of UAH and who reads these writings today. This individual was a diplomat in a Uganda embassy in a Western country at the fall of I did Amin’s government. This individual had a control over an embassy account which had a whopping $1 million dollars. This individual with another individual in the embassy, walked to the bank and instructed the bank to remit that one million dollar to the Uganda Ministry of foreign affairs as the law instructed them to do at a fall of government. These two Ugandans returned the money to Uganda which was being run at a time by UNLA/UNLF. So to you I say, had you taken the one million dollars you had in the account in 1979, you would have been some of the very rich Ugandans in diaspora today, yet you did not for you were trained and brought up to love your country but be faithful. Life in diaspora has not been easy and there might just be that second voice questioning your decision at a time, but be rest assured that I take my hat off to you in respect and that is the only thing worth for a man.

Thank you for loving your country that much.

Edward Mulindwa.



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  1. Ben,

    Thank u for that information

  2. Rock Peter,

    I was born in 1990, but while i was reading through your Post i felt as if I were around in the 70s and 80……thanks for such a wonderful post.

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