ULS is a ghost of its former self with current leaders

The Uganda Law Society is led by weak people and that’s why the AG is having a field day: Someone should recommend John Rawls’ theory of Justice to Mrs. Jackie Mbabazi. If she is time limited, she should zero on the veil of ignorance.

And what sort of question was that about the IGP?. Of course the appointing authority appointed IGP. The same one who appointed the PM appointed Mr. Kale Kayihura IGP.

One wonders why the Monitor journalist never challenged her on such silly questions. And why now? The IGP and his kiboko team have been at it for years. Look at how the idiots and yes they idiots bordering on imbecile, AG Nyombi and Minister Tumwebaze. As Mr. Kibaki would say tumbavu kabisa. There are no worse idiots than the two. They have done everything to soil the govt. To see such idiots in such senior positions makes one wonder.

ULS president

ULS president

Folks, if the Uganda law Society was still led by the likes of the late Henry Kayondo (RIP), the late Joseph Mulenga (RIP), the late Sam K, Njuba(RIP), Dr Joseph Byamugisha or even Court of appeal Justice Remmy Kasule, that fumbling idiot Nyombi would have been disbarred or kicked out by the law Society.

The ULS is asleep so it took the principle Judge, Justice Yorakamu Bamwine to tell off the idiots. So if Mrs. Jackie Mabazais is serious how come she never opened her mouth to say anything about idiots Nyombi and Tumwebaze?

Yes. If ULS was serious, they would have kicked out the following members: AG Nyombi, Hon Muhwezi, and even IGP Kale Kayihura. But these members are still in good standing and even eligible to vote and even stand for office.

Justice Kavuma used to be famous as the husband of the former Gayaza HM and former women MP. Today he is arguably the most controversial judge on the bench.

It was refreshing for real to see the principal Judge stand up to the idiots and tell them a sit is. You know what really makes me sad is that I know the family of the chairman of the electoral Commission Haji Kiggundu reasonably well. The family used live on Salama Road. He had a brother who lives in Mutundwe and was active in construction and did very well. Today Haji Badru Kiggundu is in the same league with the Nyombis, Tumwebaze and Musisi. What is it folks drink when they join YKM’s prison? Dr Kiggundu is hell bent on installing that ka chief -yes he is anti he forged papers -as mayor.

I repeat there is no worse idiot in YKM’s cabinet than Nyombi and Tumwebaze . Tumbavu kabisa. Bakopi beyond imagination, thus the katimba.

I bet you in the next cabinet reshuffle Nyombi and Tumwebaze will be done, perhaps minister of something. How could a buffoon like Nyombi ever become AG? Only in YKM’s Uganda do you find such idiots holding senior positions.



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