Why can’t the Uganda Law Society summon Gen.Kayihura?

Yes ULS is on its knees. The executive is lost. On the Lukwago saga ULS is actually complicit. ULS hurriedly picked its nominee who voted as directed by that idiot Minister Tumwebaze from Kibaale. I suppose that is why ULS could never apply to the court to be enjoined. Notice also something strange that happened with all the professional bodies picking only people from Western Uganda to represent them on KCC. I think the five or so who are apparently supposed to be represented in KCC as councilors named Westerners. Coincidence or not, you decide.
But the problem is much deeper. The word here is GIGO. And that explains why the law school finally introduced an entrance exam. it is trying to weed out mediocre students who scored higher because in some schools their exam papers were filled out days in advance. This is public information in Uganda. You have people with 4A or 3As who are semi illiterate and can barely tell an argument from a mere statement.

If ULS was serous it would have voted to expel the idiot AG Nyombi from its rolls, Granted he could go to cadre judge like Justice Steven Kavuma and get it stopped or reverse behind closed doors. But it would send a powerful message. Imagine having an AG who has been disbarred by his own law body. Then they would move to other suspects and disbar then one by one.

Uganda is a funny country. Lawyers, students and even the opposition behave as if they alone can make changes. Nope. I have not seen any serious efforts to woe workers to their side. Without worker’s involvement, the opposition, students, lawyers name it cannot not usher in change.

To know why ULS is in trouble you need to look at its executive. No one can move any motion to discuss idiots within their ranks. I bet you they belong to either YKM or the PM’s camp so they take orders depending on the situation. If you will there is no third way.

That is why I chuckled when I read in the papers that some opposition members had teamed up with PM Mbabazi;s youth camp. They looked excited which goes to show the caliber of leadership in Uganda. Why on earth should the opposition side with the PM? What is it they are smocking?

I do not know whether ULS members are on UAH, but they should wake up and do something symbolic. But before that they should explain themselves. How did they pick their nominee to KCC in such a hurriedly manner with express instructions to vote as directed by the fumbling idiot minister Tumwebaze? ULS is not clean either and the Principal Judge, one of the few who has come out of the saga shining should have indicted the leadership of ULS too. He may not be like Mr. Justice Ogoola, but he is okay.

In Kenya when Mr. Bernard Chunga lost his job as CJ after Moi and wanted a practicing certificate, KLS denied him and a few Moi zealots. Sure it is harsh to deny them a living, but it is something to consider.
The KCC saga has taught us a few things. There are some courageous and independent judges in the judiciary. However, they are dominated by cadre judges who rule behind closed doors.

I would be surprised if money is not changing hands in all this. Another case that has fascinated me is the one involving Mr Katatumba’s property. The crooks are pumping in money to sway judges.

The person who has really shocked me throughout all this is General Kale Kayihura aka Mr. Tear Gas whose background was impeccable. That is why we need him in UAH to listen to candid criticism. The only slack I cut him is that he is caught up in YKM’s prison. As the influential Stanford prison study found out, even good people when put in a prison environment can behave extremely badly.

May be that is what Mr. Nyombi too will claim that he is a good lawyer caught up in YKM’s prison. So who was Nyombi before he became AG? Did he excel in law school, legal practice or what? What kind of AG calls judges idiots when he is the super idiot in government?

The IGP sent his goons, okay, police officers to manhandle lawyers trying to serve KCC with court orders. And the IGP is still a member in good standing in ULS.

Parliament summoned the IGP. It is time ULS did the same and asked him why he should not be expelled from the body. For the IGP who grew up being tutored by the late Mr Mulenga (RIP) that would be something to hear.



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