Dr. Henry Gombya was hosted on the internet based radio Ngoma on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Mr.Tamare Mirundi was calling in from Kampala as a co-host and he congratulated Gombya at the start of the show for finishing up his PHD in Mass Media. I think the program was moderated by one of the UAH members, Mustapha Ssemanda. The whole story of events before and after Kayiira’s death made me sick while I was listening to Dr. Gombya.

Gombya said that if he had had anything to do with Kayiira’s death, he would not have been in exile for 23 years. He continued to say that he was an independent journalist who was not close to any group whether NRM or UFM or FEDEMU. He said that he first got to know Kayira when Bazilio Olala Okello and group wanted to arrest him after publishing a story that made them look so bad. At that time, Gombya was working for BBC Africa and I think the Muno newspaper. He also told us how he managed to escape from the country after Kayiira’s death.

He explained his meeting with Museveni in Lubili before Kayiira was arrested for the first time. He said that Museveni asked to meet him in Lubiri( MENGO) army barracks while Kayira was staying in a hotel somewhere in Kampala . Museveni told him that some of the young boys in the NRA wanted to eliminate some political leaders and that it was important that he (Museveni) meets Kayira as soon as possible. Gombya agreed to arrange a meeting between Museveni and Kayira. But as soon as he stepped out of Museveni’s office at Lubiri, he then saw Kayira arrested ‘AKANDOYA’ style and being led by a group of soldiers under the command of Tinyenfunza aka Sejusa. He then went back immediately into Museveni’s office whom he told what was going on. Apparently, Museveni ordered the release of kayiira immediately.

As of why Dr. Kayira chose to stay with Gombya and not other people, he (Gombya) explained that Kayiira was broke and he had no money. Before Kayira moved to Gombya’s place, he was living in a single room somewhere according to Gombya. So Gombya offered to accommodate him because he had once protected him against the Bazilio Olala Okelo Group.

‘Dr.Kayiira did not have money and he always lived on the mercy of friends’, Gombya said.

He also said that Dr. Kayiira believed in genuine politics of not embezzling tax payers’ money to build mansions. ‘Friends who believed in his cause paid for almost everything including the hotel bills’.

He also said that at that time when he met Kayiira in a single room, he was scared of his life and that is why he lived that way. In addition, when Kayira was staying at Gombya’s house, the people in the village did not that he was there including the LCs.

According to Dr. Gombya, the Scotland Yard report which was released 20 years after Kayiira’s death was ambiguous and should not be believed. He also explained that his 2 kids saw who pulled the trigger and they were interviewed by both the Uganda police and the Scotland Yard. The kids even pointed to the soldiers who they saw that night when they were taken to identify who really did it.

Gombya continued to say that the day after Kayira’s murder; police came to his house with sniffer dogs that followed the murderers back to Lubiri barracks where they found his wife’s handbag.

Mukulu Tamare Mirundi, on the other hand, was sugar-coating discussions on Ngoma radio with similes (sp)(OBUGELO) or ideologies of some kind. He said that NRMO and Museveni did not/don’t believe in political assassinations, but so many callers found it hard to believe him. At that point, Major Twaha Mukiibi(former UFM but living in the UK) cut in and reminded Tamare Mirundi of the Mukula murders; the 39 UFM soldiers who were killed the same day Andrew Kayiira was 1st arrested; the 400 UFM soldiers who died in containers or trucks on their way to an ‘invisible’ mission in Eastern Uganda .

Tamare Mirundi then responded by saying that ‘those were soldiers and not civilians’. He also accepted that Mukula really took place. But callers kept asking him about the QUESTIONABLE deaths of personalities like Mayombo Noble and Kiddu and Sara Kiyyingi.

Without mincing his words, Gombya concluded by asking the moderators to stop asking him about Kayiira’s death and just ask one person only: PRESIDENT MUSEVENI. He said that he had spent the last 23 years in exile in London because he cannot go back to Uganda as long as Museveni is still the president of the country. He also narrated to listeners how he managed to escape from the country after Kayira’s death.

There is a full written script about all these events by Gombya on the UAH main site if anyone wishes to read it.



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