Amin enjoyed the presidency than anybody I know of!

Idi Amin loved to self-drive a whole lot of times as I stated before, one time he was driving from Gulu to Kampala with only one body guard which he did on many times. For some unknown reason his car broke down into Luwero at about 2am, at a time Luwero Post office had been up graded to a 24 hour service,for he installed the Luwero exchange, and instructed it to work 24 hours under the services nearer to the people project, and he walked to the exchange, knocked the door at 3 am. A kid opens the door and Amin was full in the door, and trust me when he stood in door he would fill it up, and you did not have to ask who are you, for you saw the structure, good day I need a phone to call Kampala for my car has broken down. They called the number and he talked to some one and in about 30 minutes there were about 20 cars pull in into Luwero, the president is stranded. What was funny that night was that he drove towards Nakasongola instead of Kampala. So how would you prepare for him that he will show up at 3am? You simply did not know and you just did your work faithfully.

Many times he drove into Kenya by crossing Busia or Malaba, and one of those days he pulled into Malaba and instructed the border guard to lift the pipes. Fungua me nayenda Kenya, and a board guard goes can I see your passport sir? Amin said look at this face that is my passport, don’t you know me? The pipes went up and he crossed in. Same thing on Kenya side. And the Kenyan side had to scramble to call State House Nairobi to inform them that he has driven in, and they have no idea where he was going. But many times he was going into nearby shops, Amin loved to target those Luo girls for he screwed very many of them, and they adored him. But you knew that Eastern brigade was watching you so closely and they need him safe.

Sometimes he drove himself back into Uganda or a heli was sent in to bring him back. The man enjoyed being a president that no president will ever enjoy to his extent, and he had so many of times of showing up very unexpectedly. If we had The East African Rally you would not be surprised with Amin showing up in a leg or two of the rally while driving or being driven by Sarah Amin, and he would take a good car that would make the Datsuns move out of the way, he was good at making those coners sir. He had adorers from men like No parking, who got the name for he was the only soldier that saluted him at Nile Mansion as he boarded a helicopter to Fort Portal and the same soldier drove a 504 to Fort Portal and saluted him off the helicopter. Amin shook his head and named him no parking. And may God help your soul if No Parking is heading to Fort Portal to salute the president off a helicopter and you stand near the road. He was a true pain in the you know what of “High Priced Lawyers”

May the president rest in peace.

Edward Mulindwa.

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