Every Muganda knows exactly where their land is!

 A young Kabaka Daudi Chwa.

A young Kabaka Daudi Chwa.

Buganda is not divided between Bakopi, Bakungu, Baami and Royalty. That’s an erroneous colonial classification.All Baganda who successfully trace their ancestry have automatic access to ancestral and communal land.

Every Muganda with the exception of wannabe Basajjabaakabaka as your good self know exactly where their land is and just about how to commercially acquire their own or access their share from the common pool.

Let me enlighten you a bit, even a private land inheritance of a Muganda would require a stamp of approval from the invisible clan hierarchical structure. The land offices and registries are cognizant of this fact as is the office of the Administrator General that land in Buganda, even privately owned land is a common and communal good.

None Baganda spouses/wives are running court battles trying to grab what they can but having the clan in their way for a selfish end. The result is they sell out to the highest bidder and seek to register fresh personal interest which after a while they realise is affected by the same clan communal interest.

Of course courts aren’t exactly sacrosanct so the bribe may provide a desirable outcome, but this is land that can be followed and claimed for generations to come even without title.

Mote education for you, land estates of the Baganda are named to certain personalities. My own for example by Ancestry marking can be found named under my Ancestors:
Land in Entebbe spanning the entire expanse of Nkumba, Kitoolo to Nakiwogo is called Bufiulu after my Jajja Ffulu whose headquarter is in Nkumba. The University stands on these Same Estates and the Current Heir to Ffulu is on the university Board.

Kiyemba and Kirwazza in Bulemeezi are named after my Jajjas Muyemba and Mulwazza, Buwungu an 8 Square Mile estate in Busiro after Jajja Kajoba Kawungu.

Other estates are individually owned by notables in Buganda, Mpanga forest in Mawokota is part of the 8 Square Mailo estate of my Jajja Magunda of Lwanga Mpigi, Gganda for Nakku another 8 square mile clan interest, Kyebando for Kyabaggu and so on and so forth.

Every Muganda worth his salt knows where their land is. We don’t just have Ettaka, but Obutaka! I am a Nnansangwa and not a Mukopi. Every Muganda knows their place and stature. The heading you position as a damacles sword is for you and other wandering culturally uprooted communities trying to be more Muzungu who Kuzungas or wanders than Afrikan who is grounded, anchored and branded.

That’s how the system which predates your celebrates LC and unitary works. Under the grabber land law regime, the first applicant automatically assumes ownership and a worse overlordship than the Buganda cultural administration could ever be over her peoples!

I stand for the self awareness, self actualization, natural and conscious integration of indigenous and traditional Afrikan nationalities into new Afrikan States and sub-national entities looking to each other for peace and Prosperity.

The Panafrikanist pushes for an entrenchment and continuity of the crippling and exploitative systems of old, which I do not. We work towards an Afrika where the elders role and position is restored over the leader, and the leader reassumes the servant role to the people.

It doesn’t matter what you call me, I am Afrikan because I am Muganda, a clansman, Branchsman, Totem Polesman, Linesman and a Family Bondsman.

Zuukuka, smell the coffee, the East and West have blown a gasket and are in receivership either way you look at it. They are outdoing themselves for a share of Afrika because “Nobody” Owns it. In my side of town, the Baganda still do and you had better learn from them or perish.

Hajji Aziz Ssenoga.
UAH villager


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  1. Interesting/important post. Indeed I’ve been intrigued by Nkumba for some time now, especially as an important site for Nagadya, her medium (is her shrine still active?), and her Priest Jajja Ffulu. I wonder, does Jajja Ffulu get his name from enfulu (aka enkejje?). It seems Nkumba/Bulam was a place many would go to long ago seeking fertility, the fact that enfulu may have played a significant part in that seems incredibly important – at least to me – I study the social life and history of working with fish in Ennyanja Nalubaale! Would love to hear more, and will be back in Uganda next month….

  2. I am really grateful to the holder of this website who has shared this wonderful post at here.

  3. Edward Sebugwawo,

    Hajji u need to check ur history about .Nkumba and entebbe, most of that land belonged to my great grandfather saulo sebugwawo. He leased the land of the airport and state house to the colonial government for 99 yrs and land on which nkumba university sits was donated by my grandfather omutaka Nelson nkalubo sebugwawo to the school. Soo please next time check our information before you put it on paper

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