None of Amin’s tribesmate or fellow Muslims run out of the country with stolen money as is the case today

 33 year Old Idi Amin Dada 1961

33 year Old Idi Amin Dada 1961

None of Amin’s tribesmate or fellow Muslims run out of the country with stolen money as is the case today:

There is a very interesting point about Amin’s government that when you look very closely at it, there is no single West Niler let alone Moslem or Munubbi that ran out of the country with stolen money. A man like Moses Ali flew out of Uganda with money un imaginable and het he always came back and was a poor man. It was Baganda it was Easterners, but most importantly it was non Moslems that stole the money out of Uganda under Amin. One wonders what that tells us about being a non Moslem and nationalism.

When you look at those that left the country after stealing it again they were the Ocen Nekyon that are neither Banubbi let alone Moslems. Every West Niler I know of every Moslem I know of that was sent out of Uganda to do national purchases all came back. And yet even though you explain that point word for word, Ugandan strive not to how well the country runs but how educated are those running it.

Let me post a comment from a certain Ugandan that she made in this very forum and I directly quote “for instance by placing uneducated alot in managerial positions. Almost all the parastatals were managed by hand picked Nubians who spoke only Kiswahili as a second language. Imagine the ministries were headed by army officers who could not spell their names, compare that to Obote’s regime when all the ministers were over qualified for the jobs they were assigned. “ End quote.

let us look at Moses Ali :what education did that man have honestly? And yet he transformed our country in massive ways. Let us look at Ali Fadul, or Garandi, let us look at Ssebbi and the list goes on and on, this Ugandan fails to realize the successes they had in running the country because they never had a degree. Seriously do you see Kampala becoming a Ghetto it is when Nassur Abdullah is the governor? But he is out of the game of running the country for to Ugandans he does not have a God damn degree.

Just on record. The current minister for presidency and Minister of Kampala Capital City Authority a Frank Tumwebaze holds the degree of Bachelor of Science with Education {BSc/Ed} ,he also holds a degree of Masters in International and diplomatic studies. There is no debate that the man has a better education than Nassur Abdullah yet Nassur Abdullah has a better running Kampala than Frank Tumwebaze. One wonders where this simple fact puts the Ugandan that wrote the quote above. But that is the population we have in that country.

The same Ugandan states and I again quote “he was reduced to a beggar in the Middle East and the rest is history.The one thing he did, was squander the riches of Uganda for military hardware“ .Now that is a very complex issue, was Amin reduced to a beggar? Heck no he was never a beggar but a man that knew how to make friends.

I have stated that we need to preserve the Mbale university, why? Because we need a direct infusion of cash into a country sucked dry by degree holders. Did Amin invest into weaponry? Yes he did and trust me if he did not invest into weapons, The Ocen Nekyon’ s would have murdered half of you by today. And those that Amin failed to protect are today dead. But there is another factor, The money Amin brought to the country was used by all of you. Moslems ,non Moslems ,Banubbi non Banubbi as long as you were a Ugandan.

Many of you used The Libyan Arab Bank for the Jamahiriya Republic to borrow millions of dollars that you invested into your businesses and investments. 99% of you never came back to pay for when The Nekyon came in they failed to follow through such banks as national banks they just continued to loot to their destructions.

This Ugandan is failing to realize that had Amin borrowed this money out of world bank we would be holding a debt today. So I get paranoid to understand what this Ugandan really needs. He is complaining about Museveni that has used the name of uganda to borrow all money he needs and for family use, a money you and I will pay back, but he is complaining as well about Amin that got money from uganda friends.

Amin left no debt and he never took the weapons that we bought, he left all of them inside Uganda only to be shipped out to Tanzania by The Nekyon. What exactly do Ugandans hate about Iddi Amin if simply put hot air. A whole lot of Western Media stupidity and the ignorance of Ugandan that suck on it.

Until April 24 2014 you have not done anything better in Uganda to beat on Iddi Amin.

Edward Mulindwa.


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  1. Mr. Edward Mulindwa,
    Honestly, I am impressed by your good memory after all these years passed, since Idi Amin was deposed.
    You have reported only the positve side of the governance by President Idi Amin, but have not revealed his weakness, or any mistake that President Idi Amin made. Perhaps, you intend to do that on a later date.

    Looking closely at the people President Amin trusted into positions of the National Security or other positions of governance, I realise today that President Amin was wrong to have ignored the educated people. In fact, even the educated people who served in the government acted as though they had moderate education. Anyone who was thought to be highly educated was called “a politian”. A politician was an enemy of the “Second Republic of Uganda”. President Amin did not encourage discussions, or debates on what should or should not be done for Uganda. He simply wanted the best at any cost and without discussion.

    President Amin simply gave orders on what he wanted done. Any Minister, Provincial Governor, or any other Leader who suggested the impossibility, or difficulty in carrying on the given project, was simply dismissed from the job. He treated each one of them like students and he, the Headmaster. They had to listen to him and agree to do as he had ordered.

    President Amin relied very much on the information given by the intelligence personnel. The State Reasearch Bureau was the closest to him. The worst mistake President Amin made was to staff the State Research Bureau with people who had no training in Intelligence work. The qualification seemed to be tribal, or how patriotic one was believed to be. By ‘tribal’, I mean those who were classified as ‘Nubbi’, or from West Nile or Southern Sudan. By ‘patriotic’, I mean those who were thought or believed to love Uganda. Education was never considered, hence the misinformation that was always given to him and failure to analyse any situation that concerned National Security.

    In 1977 boxes of arms and ammunition were intercepted as they were destined to the Arch Bishop Jannan Luwum of the Anglican Church of Uganda. In each box was a copy of the letter written and signed by former President Apollo Milton Obote. In the letter, former President Obote had listed names of some Military Officers, Police Officers, Businessmen, Cabinet Ministers etc, as his supporters “in the struggle to remove President Idi Amin from power.”

    All the people who were listed in the letter were arrested and murdered. I hope we all know what happened to Arch Bishop Jannan Luwum, Mr. Oboth Ofumbi and Lt. Col. Erinayo Oryema. They were killed because they were listed in the letter from Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.

    If President Idi Amin had employed educated and qualified people in his Intelligence network, he could have realised that all those people who were arrested and later murdered, were in fact innocent. They were set up by former President Apollo Milton Obote. Dr. A. M. Obote knew for sure that those people he listed in his letter would be killed. The State Research, the Military Intelligence and the Special Police Intelligence Services were all in unison that those mentioned in the letter were supporting Dr. A. Milton Obote in his fight against the “Second Republic of Uganda”.

    Because of that letter from former President A. M. Obote the entire government of Amin believed that the ‘enemy’ was already capable of deposing the “Field Marshal”. A confidential message was sent to all military units around the country. Fire Alarms were sounded and all the soldiers had to report immediately to their bases. All the Acholi and Langi soldiers had to be disarmed and arrested. They had to die.

    The purpose of this message is to reveal the other side of Fiel Marshal Idi Amin’s Uganda, for the purpose of never to make a similar mistake in future. The Acholi and Langi people were systematically murdered in Uganda, but were set up by Dr. Apollo Milton Obote. Those who attended Dr. Obote’s campaigns for the 1980 General Elections might have heard how Dr. Obote praised his pen for having “fought better than guns to remove Idi Amin from power”.

    I agree with Mr. Edward Mulindwa that Idi Amin did a lot of good for Uganda, but we must also remember the bad ones, especially the innocent lives of our fellow Ugandans that were lost.

    Byaruhanga Jonny Rubin.

  2. Again here comes the historical revisionists trying to re-write history with the forlorn hope of cleansing Amin’s monstrous regime. At the aftermath of suppressing the Brig Charles Arube uprising in 1974, the author of these lies is unaware of the fact that Brig Hussein Marella of the State Research Bureau (SRB) who oversaw the suppression and execution of Arube was given a blank cheque to go to the UCB and withdraw unimaginable sacks of money and thereafter he retreated back to his ancestral home in South Sudan. This was in otherwards his golden-handshake and indeed pension!

  3. Mr. Apollo Kazibwe,
    Since you are not trying to rewrite history, but perhaps adding what might have been overlooked or forgotten, please do it right.

    You are right though, that Brig. Gen. Hussein Marella left Uganda for his ‘ancestral home in South Sudan’, but you are wrong to state here that he was ‘of the State Research Bureau’.

    I leave this task to you, to inform the UAH correctly where Hussein Marella was working before he was appointed, Acting Army Chief of Staff, and what led to his retirement.

    When someone tries to remind us about our country’s history, as he or she remembers, that person should not be addressed with anger, or with intent to humiliate. Many years have passed and certainly none can write the whole history of Uganda here at the UAH. I think we should appreciate any contribution in this regard and perhaps add on what we may consider overlooked, or forgotten.

    I wish and hope for only the best for our country, Uganda.
    BJ. Rubin.

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