A Proposal for a financial park on some sections of the Lubiri

A Proposal for a financial park on some sections of the Lubiri:Regarding the proposal to upgrade our beloved Lubiri, I propose, in addition to other plans proposed, a finance park.This can have plots distributed among Masaza or Bika, and it is upon these to ensure that construction is done according to the plan given as seen in the photo attached. The structures can rented out to only corporate organizations ( NGOs and other Firms)

What a source of income that can come to the treasury!!!

Njalwe Desire.image



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  1. m2,

    very impressive, i’ve hard people say that lubiri is about the same size as vatican city which is untrue. vatican city is only 0.2 square miles while the lubiri is a whole 4 sq miles which is 20 times larger. Even Monaco city-state is only 0.8 sq miles. Personally i think all they have to do is put in a first class infrastrature network of roads, sewage, car parking, utilities, street lighting, proper landscaping and gardening and then divide the plots neatly for investors to put up well planned buildings on leasehold basis. I don’t think buganda has the money to build those buildings you say, it needs private money. The state of kenya is building konza tech city on 7 sq miles and it will cost billions of dollars.

  2. Thank you for the posting.

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