Hajji Sulaiman Mutumba: cousin to Mutesa 11, donor of the land where Bilal Islamic was built and brother to Hajji Nsereko Mutumba

Hajji Mutumba

Hajji Mutumba

During the invasion of Mengo Palace by forces royal to Obote in 1966, he got his short gun – double barrel and joined the fight in defense of King Mutesa II. Although the palace fell to Obote’s forces and the King went into exile, he was proud to have fought in defense of his King and his cousin brother. He loved his king very much and was always yearning for a federal government until his death.

Bilal Islamic institute:
In 1993, Al Haji Sulaiman Mutumba donated 10 acres of land at Kakiri where Bilal Islamic Institute was built after shifting from the current Kiseka market place where it used to be, and later on he added on 30 acres of land on which the Bilal Islamic Institute is currently situated.

In 1981, he served as the Chairman of UMSC Hijja Committee then based at Wandegeya. During his service, he used to top up Hijja expenses for those Muslims who were unable to raise all the money for Hajj. Sheikh Umar Dumba can bear testimony to this.

Read more at: http://um-bs.com/2014/05/21/al-hajji-sulaiman-mutumba-cousin-brother-to-mutesa-11-and-donor-of-the-land-where-bilal-islamic-institute-was-built/


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