Attention to all All West Nilers, Itesot and Japadhola’s working in Kampala

All West Nilers, Itesot and Japadhola’s working in Kampala and have not had a chance to study – you can enroll into our programmes in Urban Planning, Surveying we have 50 bursary vacancies for you – call me on 0752-972-960 for further information and pass on this mail to others.

There is a large group of West Nilers who are still hanging around as porters – I hate that when West Niles need lots of banks, hospitals etc., Most Japs and Itesot including young women sit all day guarding buildings- from what!? – let the owners guard their buildings and let the Japs and Itesot go and sit inside and do the business entrepreneurship and management.

It is exactly the same thing when boda boda and taxi drivers stupidly refuse to understand that they can demand a monthly salary and also be members of the National Social Security fund if they heed what KCCA is doing for them.

That type of society is not desirable.Certificates, diplomas and degrees. Masters are taught in Transport Planning by researchers from Leeds Institute for Transport Planning. Certificates in Logistics and Transport from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK (CILT UK) are done on from certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. Only difference is that CILT – UK sets it fees. Prof. Emurwon Olupot can help those who need instruction in that field.

I have agreed with International Cartography Association president and head of the Research Group Cartography Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation Vienna University in Austria, to offer a weeks certificate course in Cartography. Those who want to do this course can register with me for September and November workshops.

Nakyesawa Luwero

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