I’m so disappointed with the US ban!

The Ugandans banned from USA due to the anti-gay bill include:

– MP David Bahati, who tabled the bill before parliament
– Hon Rebecca Kadaga who presided over the enactment of bill
– Ofwono Opondo, Gov’t spokesperson
– Stephen Tashobya, his committee prepared a report on anti-gay bill in May
– Simon Peter Lokodo supports the law
– Pastor Martin Ssempa, strong anti-gay activist
– Pastor Solomon Male is a strong ally of Pastor Ssempa.
– Pastor Michael Kyazze is also an anti-gay activist.

The above mentioned people have been banned from entering USA.

I respect the right of the US or any other country, for that matter, to ban any foreigner it so wishes from its oil.

However, in this case, I think the US is being unfair in singling out a few individuals, some of whom had no role in enacting the controversial anti-gay laws.

This law arose from a Private Member’s Motion (David Bahati), and so, it was not a government-sponsored bill. That should send a glaring distinction between the two versions of laws passed in Parliament.

The MP (Bahati) successfully canvassed for enough votes to bring his Bill to the Floor for debate, where it received a thunderous support and was overwhelmingly passed.

So, to fault Ugandans who are not MPs, and who, therefore, had little influence in the passage of this Bill, is a bureaucratic overreach. Instead, the US should have limited its anger to;

1. President Museveni – for accenting to the Bill, thus making it the law of the land,
2. All MPs who voted in its support

Speaker Kadaga could not, despite her office, throw out the Motion or its Mover; her role is to moderate debates in Parliament. Ofwono Opondo is a government spokesman; his role is to communicate government positions as directed by his appointing authority.

A government spokesman is like a well-trained robot: he’s not supposed to think independent of what he is supposed to relay to the public. US has richer history of government spokespeople – remember Larry Speakes of the Reagan days – who have served like such robots.




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  1. kiirya Andrew,

    this is very good next destination north korea

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