Tooro’s reaction to the coronation of a Bamba King betrays the ugly side of man: the animal instinct to conquer and dominate. This is the truth behind all imperialism, whether it crosses oceans as was the case with the Romans , the Ottomans and the English, or it is conquering neighbours as it was the case with Tooro and Bukonzo, Bwamba. Only yesterday Tooro was up in arms demanding the return of her property by government, the same move Bukonzo is protesting. Then Bukonzo, which vehemently fought against Tooro domination, is also against Bwamba being a kingdom. The Buganda story with her donated ‘counties'( Kooki, Bunyala, Buruuli, Lost Counties), is all too glaring and will not go away.

Self-determination is for everybody. What makes Kaliba think that only Batooro women have wombs to produce kings? Tooro itself was ‘made’, and that was the starting point of its kings being ‘born’. So effective today, Bwamba’s kings will be born, as successors to King Atongi. If Tooro wants diversity in one kingdom, can they accept the rotational arrangement as it is done in Busoga? This would see kings coming from all the nationalities in the ‘larger’ Tooro kingdom on rotational basis: Batooro, Batuku, Basongora, Bakonzo, Bamba, Batwa and recently Bakiga.

Kaliba knows well the history and meaning of ‘ Twena tuli Batooro’ , and ‘ Omutooro Proper’

Actually myself am comfortable with an ‘elected’ king, one who is chosen on the basis of his individual personal capacity and merit, not because he is a son of his father. This the new form of theocracy, where leaders are anointed,even from humble families, to lead their people. Theocracy is a better system, than ‘democracy’ which has become rule by money( the highest bidder, often with stolen money, wins), or monarchy, where one is a leaders by virtue of being a son/daughter of their father.
Am sure King Atongi will make a better leader to his people, since his kingship is not by ‘right’, rather by obligation.

Sandra Birungi



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  1. makindye99,

    but again we give them way to go.

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