Besides revoking and canceling all land titles in wetlands, those who are settled wetlands and on the shorelines of Lake Victoria should start paying 0.55 tax, equivalent to their property value (2011) plus 0.05 fee equivalent to the property value payable to National Forest Authority or NEMA.. The tax will be progressive for those who have property on Lake Victoria shoreline of all categories (residential, beaches, recreational and hotels etc.). By shores I mean NEMA 100 metres radius along of water bodies (Lake) and 50 metres on streams, subterranean water streams, water springs and rivers within the Greater Kampala Area and all along the shores of Lake Victoria within the territory of Uganda.

In addition, those property owners must have 75 % of their premise land surface, restored and covered with indigenous trees and/or paleo-ecology as it existed before the property was turned into other use. By paleo-ecology I mean letting the flora and fauna flourish and have a total right of way on that premises.

The Baltic sea, that is the ocean between Sweden and Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland was polluted last century with industrial pollutants. For now sixty years, Sweden and other countries with all their scientific rigour and money have tried spending billions of dollars to clean this ocean to no avail. The entire economy based on marine ecology was knocked out!

I have however read about an ambitious 14 Municipal development program now being spear headed by the Urban development ministry – hopefully they MLHUD will have Jennifer’s go getter spirit and do.

The Ministry of Urban Development has also come out with bench marks for cities, municipalities etc., establishment. And please note, politics, politics and racism has killed the spirit for development.

In my opinion, Mayors Wilson Tumwine and Mohammed Baswari Kezaala are the most progressive Mayors I have met so far in this country. They have ideas far ahead of the rest of us for their respective cities. Head to Mbarara and see how the divisions are developing – it Kampala or Mukono.

The government should sit down with these men and ask them about what they want to do. I have listened to all of them.

Kezaala wanted to bring Arabs with their money to see off Jinja City development. Do you really believe all of us can fail to bring developer to Jinja? – Jinja municipal council is ravaged with politics mere political bashing and empty talk – other than doing – this would be the most beautiful place on earth.

Kezaala wanted to remove the old dhukawri from Jinja and build a garden city.

In planning you must have a vision, enthusiasm, and a lots of determination. Those three qualities they have those two men!

The man Kezaala has been frustrated. Why why really? Tumwine has asked for ages to turn Mbarara into a city in order to get a sizable budget funding for development of the town but to no avail- no body listens to these most progress gentlemen – it is disheartening!

Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero


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  1. Am humbled by your compliments.Thanks alot bro

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