African teams do not do well at World Cup due to tribalism

I don’t think that was the best Algeria would have played. Some of us are very concerned at the way African teams play, for when you follow them in their clubs they are very good players, but the moment you throw them into a single team to defend their individual countries they drop the standard of play. Go back and look at the games Ghana played, and look specifically at the game of United States and Germany, why did they play stupid with Americans but played better the Germanys? Why such a change in the play?

The players Ghana had in this team had the ability to beat both United States and Germany, yet they lost and very badly to Americans. If Ghana played Germany stupid as it so did to United States they would have been beaten by some 10 goals yet they never did. Why the difference?

Why do we fail to work together as Africans? It is not the money it is no the training, it is a failure of a Luo to understand that he can play with a Kikuyu. That is a DNA problem that money will never take away. Go back at the winning of Kenyan girl in the Oscar, it was never a Kenyan win but a Luo win.

When you follow closely the discussion we have about Amin, there is no way Edward Pojim can see any good thing about Amin his fellow Ugandan. None. Look even though Eastern hospitals today have Bats, still Gwokto Peter preaches how East is better today than it was under Iddi Amin. Are you furkin kidding me !!!!!!

If Americans wanted intelligence from Ocen Nekyon to send a drone and it blows up Ugandans during Amin’s time, Ocen would have offered it for free, even though his fellow Ugandans will die in the process. Why? Because the beating up of Amin’s government puts a morning glee on his face. So you can throw as many facts on the table as you so want on how Amin was an effective leader and how he saved the lives of Ugandans in the war, to Ocen Nekyon John Ogole is the best soldier that Uganda has ever had. Both Ocen Nekyon and Ogole are Langis yet Amin is a Lugbara, so don’t bother debating with facts.

And I opine that even if you throw ten million dollars to Uganda players, Gwokto can never score a goal as a striker because Barigye the defender he has is a Mukiga and if Gwokto scores a goal from a ball sent by a Mukiga that will make Bakiga look good. Instead of scoring in the goal Gwokto will send the ball far wide off the goal. Yup let us all loose. So if you need an effective team from Uganda get a team built by all Luos or all Bakiga or all Bakonjo. Then the win will be for all of them. The Ghana team must teach us a lesson on how tribally divided we are and how these very minor details are of a greater value to us as Africans.

The manner at which UAH’s Edward Pojim attacks Kenyatta refers.

Edward Mulindwa.



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  1. fred,

    I wonder who is being more tribal here!! Sorry I forget we are all Africans and tribal as ever.

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