Kenya too needs our prayers as things aren’t looking good!

Reports of these leaflets being circulated around Eldoret district.It is sad to see such leaflets again. But those of us who lived in that country are not entirely surprised. It is also sad that CORD leaders take the existing peace in the country for granted. Mark you the families of the politicians are safely guarded by the very police officers they demonize at their ethnically laced rallies.

Actually I recall saba saba day very well because it was shortly after that I was expelled from Kenya. The people behind Saba saba a were Mr. Matiba and Mr. Rubia, who paid the heaviest price along with their lawyers Dr John Khaminwa and Mr Paul Kibugi Muite. But you do not hear about these names anymore. Mr Wetangula was then Moi’s blued eyed boy. The same with Mr Musyoka. Senator Muthama was then busy dealing in minerals with Moi’s backing. Today they talk about saba saba as if they were active participants for change.

FYI, let me disclose that I got minor in media studies so I occasionally I go back to read one of the classic readings, Chomsky’s , Manufacturing consent. So I knew exactly what sections of the media are trying. I have a fairly good idea of what one of my Marxist Professor used to refer to as the Capitalist Press is trying to do. The reading list was heavy, over ten books and several articles, but great readings ranging from Chomsky to Fanon to Stuart Hall. In a nutshell sections of the Kenyan media are applying some of the filters Chomsky highlighted in his classic. In the process they are fooling some but not critical minds.

RAO’s credibility at stake because word in Luo Nyanza is that after Saba Saba he will be sworn in and the masses , pole, believe him. How will they feel when the climax is actually a total anti-climax?

Listen, sooner rather later ODM elections must take place and despite efforts to undermine Governorr Joho’s credentials from Uganda, Joho and Namwamba are poised to pounce again. And RAO will again unleash men in black.

Well now the world knows what CORD wants or stands for. Who of those in CORD were in government until the last elections when one camp won with 8%. For starters RAO was PM, Mr. Musyoka was VP, Mr. Wetangula was trade Minister, and Senator Orengo was Lands minister. So what is it they did to address some of the problems listed? CORD says the executive doctored the Truth Commission. Which executive? The one they served in or the Jubilee cabinet?

What is it they did when they were in government to address their demands? Did not RAO only fight for folks from Luo Nyanza when he was PM, for example, the Director of Budget and Auditor General? They create the impression that the demands or is it agenda arose over the last year.

Take just one example. They are apparently for the farmer who is being underpaid for their hard work. Then without blinking they demand that the cost of living is going up and should come down. Interpretation: food prices are too high for the urban riff raff. So they want to rob the hardworking farmers to please the bure riff raff. CORD is not fooling anyone but themselves and the initiated. They want to regulate prices paid to farmers so their core supporters the urban riff riff the one throwing stones, raping women and looting property can access cheap food.

It is time for the Kenya media to ask some tough questions other than moralizing about constitutional rights. Honestly CORD’s demands do not add up and they should be taken to task. They should explain how they plan to pay farmers high prices while ensuring low food prices for the militant or let us ay to hire urban youths.

Actually most of their demands are global problems including insecurity. Terrorism is a global problem. Are Kenyans prepared to make tradeoff between liberty and security? Hint: Patriotic Act. On which side are they prepared to err?

CORD should tell Kenyans and the world that we shall do A, B, C, D, etc. As they say talk is cheap. Saba Saba is CORD’s moment of truth.

Notice that they have left out land because Mama Ngilu has delivered beyond their expectations. She has done a lot more in less than year than what Orengo and all the other ministers could not do in years!


UAH member in NewYork


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