Museveni has invested in politics more than any other president Uganda has had!

The president is “Most Admired Political Investor.” Get the area of investment, “Politics.” Which other president has made such political investment in Uganda? None, I can see. In order to come to power, President Museveni used all political tactics and acumen to slowly but sure ascend.

To help readers trace the political investment follow this:
In the 1960s he gets a few boys (Eriya, Black etc) from the west to discuss small politics and in 1966 complains of abolition of kingdoms so he gets political capital from those disgruntled, a base he carefully monitored and controls to date.

After Dar University he goes to work in president’s office as a research officer ((don’t again say he went to see how the office is organized and I know you, you already suspect he used to sit on the president’s chair “testing” its sweetness; pretending to be cleaning it or looking for something that dropped on the flow; you have wild ideas H.O)).

Already he had visited the Mozambique Frelimo freedom fighters, a visit that earned him military expertise which he uses during the overthrow of Amin when his FRONASA participated along with TPDF but not commanding as we are told (recent interview of TPDF commanders’ claims). He continues with his political investment project that took him to western Uganda where he meets Jeje Odongo (then a teacher in Kyembabe Girls in Fort Portal) recruits him to join UNLA; a cadre who later played a crucial political/military role in Kabamba MTS attack in 1981 ( Jeje Odongo was arrested on suspicion of aiding attackers and sent to Luzira Max. Security Prison but gets released under dubious circumstances- Col. Omaria vouches for him, home boy).

We see the peak in 1980 when his real ambition gets exposed i.e. he stands for presidency fully aware he is the best choice for the office in the race that had Museveni, Mayanja Nkangi, Ssemwogerere and Obote all vying for residency in State House .

Elections are rigged and he protests by going to the bush where he mobilizes his support base (those who had been wronged in the past); he smuggles in Prince Ronald Mutebi to Buganda to prove to his supporters the kingdom loyalists. After seeing Prince Mutebi, the loyalists throw their support fully, what more proof do they need from Museveni? They even risk their lives for the good cause of having Museveni lead Uganda ( Lutamagezi died for him).

Pick on from here, this is a familiar route.

Investment advisers inform their clients to take risks and go for huge ventures that promise higher rates of return, those are the ones that bring huge profits in a short time. As the best political investor, President Museveni took that advice seriously, he took a risk all along. He took risks and has reaped greatly. But look at people like Allan or Abbey, they work so hard but have remained poor and only complaining of brown envelopes; to be rick or known you have to take risks and make use of your acumen to succeed; poor Allan!

I must salute the organizers of these Awards for their intelligence in crafting such events; I think they have followed President Museveni’s politics with an eagle’s eye to make them come up with such a title; I may be wrong but I read the message written between the lines.

Congratulations, Mr. President!

Peter Simon


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