Museveni is the biggest promoter of tribalism in Uganda!

No greater in the history of Uganda has ‘tribe’ become more significant, than under Museveni. Some of you may be living in your own political closet, unaware of the feelings among the people, but it is an open secret that the people have developed this distinct hatred for certain tribes. We are sitting on the powder keg. The pictures of C.A.R, South Sudan and other similar conflicts based on tribes keep coming to mind.

There is no class in Uganda as we understand this section of society in economics, but just a small bedrock of evil individuals (common thieves) whose sole interest is to steal resources from the nation.

‘Mwana w’ani’, ‘mwan w’eng’oma’ is what a real Muganda wants. The ordering of society worked for us for hundreds of years to become a better organised society, than the one from which come from. Attacking it as age-old nonsense is a choice of words to demean the worth of Buganda and reduce it to your relatively less organised society. This is the usual Buganda bashing tirade.

Museveni gift to Buganda and Uganda has been murder and worse government since independence. He makes Idi Amin look like Mother Teresa of Calcutta. In the place of ‘Mwana w’ani’, ‘mwan w’eng’oma’, it is now Munyarwanda, Mututsi, Munyarwanda, Mututsi. He is using the Banyarwada’s old enemy (Banyankole) as the vanguards of dictatorship. In the 1980s the Banyankole made these Banyarwanda march back to Rwanda. Museveni may be using them, but surely he is a dimwit to forget what the banyankole did to the Rwandese. It is a marriage of pure convenience to accomplish the subjugation of the entire nation.

If there is a chink in the behaviour of Mengo, it should be no surprise, as this wouldn’t be exclusive to Buganda, but is the society’s norm. Who isn’t touched by “nfunirawa” mentality? The dictator has ‘farted corruption’ pervading society’s air. We all smell and breathe it. Some of us have constantly highlighted this problem as a means that Museveni is using to stay in power. Are you the blind one who has not seen the dictator carrying around of sacks and brown envelopes of money to big favours.

Museveni has purposely distorted the systems to ensure that he rules until he is forcefully pushed or dies. Accusing others as incapable of leading is hollow and unfounded. Is it not ridiculous to suggest that one can’t cook when the tools to do so are denied him/ her? Mengo would be happy to be out of the political chaos prevailing in the country, and manage it’s own affairs.

Kampala Uganda.



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  1. bosan laa.yeh yeh” serius aku memang da rindu kat gelanggang bola keranjang Dulu hari-hari aku ngan ajim turun tapi sejak da masuk tahun keempat pengajian makin kurang pulak “emm. Tapi at least,Giliran Adham untuk merasa marah. Bukan tahu nak cover ayu! Terima kasih sebab percayakan Izad.bermain-main di sekeliling mereka. Iman bungkam.Biasanya selagi mamat tu tak kasi,Sayang paham-pahamlah kan.Ayah kena banyakkan berehat. Doktor mengesahkan kaki Fahmi akan cacat buat selama-lamanya.’.“Aku tahu kau rindukan dia! kalau bawa diri sendiri tak pe lar juga, rasanya mahu juga kitaorang……“Salina!”wah duh mamat ni lagi. Kenapa awak tak beritahu saya awak ni Farid?“Apa er, Kirana terkedu.bendera merah??

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