Now Uganda says its anti-gay law is “misunderstood”


Hard as they might try, Uganda is not going to win any favors from western donors with this belatedly backpedaling and extended explanation of what its anti-gay law is intended to achieve.

The main reason Uganda is now making this attempt at downplaying the severity of this law is because it’s now experiencing some discomfort on the financial front. In public, Museveni continues to make bold-faced declarations thatUganda doesn’t need foreign aid, yet, behind closed doors, he knows Uganda cannot finance a damn thing without those aids.

A liar’s first victim is himself. But, like the proverbial thief, this one’s 40 days are here.

Edward Pojim

Messages of Uganda being okay and therefore not in need of external funding are meant for people who are not serious, aka die-hard supporters who mortgaged their brains to the lowest bidder!

Why should the president and many other things connected with him always be misunderstood, quoted out of context, or always being misquoted, I mean have we specialized in being misunderstood? Which points to one serious fault, we never re-read or proof reading what we say. What do those hundreds of secretaries doing to write stuff that passes misunderstanding; let the president hire the best or consult language experts in universities so that he is not misunderstood; it is a shame to stand up to address a nation and the international community only to be misunderstood, it means there was lack of preparation.

Then then is this “clever thinking” imagination by some of our colleagues who assume none will find out what they have carefully crafted so that they write or say whatever they want and when challenged start their usual defense, ” It was misunderstood” or quoted out of context.

Who does not remember the explanations made after the Act was passed, with the president even wondering how a man can fail to see the beauty of the women around?

If it is to hoodwink the donors, I say no need, we don’t want their money, we are okay with our locally generated wealth/funding and no misunderstanding business! Donors, keep your money, we generate our funds locally.
In summary, our colleagues are feeling hard knocks and are looking for a cheap excuse; let them just do away with the Anti-Gay whatever as they attempt to explain; just do away with the law and resume good working relations (receiving donors’ money).

Okurut Peter Simon


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