How what are we going to say about the judiciary in Uganda? Is the judiciary corrupt only when it rules against certainty individuals or interests? If it is true that there was no quorum why did the Speaker rush? Where was the chief NRM whip? And where were the rest of MPs? Surely they must have signed in that day? Will NRM redo it? I mean go back to parliament and pass the law properly and constitutionally?

If so what does this mean for the ten folks who knew which side is buttered and went to court. I hope you are not naïve to believe that they did this for the sake of Uganda. No. They did it for the sake of their careers and stomachs period. There is no better bunch of 10 opportunists than those ten. Or will it be a short live victory for the 10? And what about the sanctions imposed and cut aid?
Will the 10 take credit for ‘saving’ Uganda from international isolation? To many questions.

So what is it? Does Ugandan have a free and independent judiciary? I mean what more can one say after this land mark court ruling? Are we going to end up in a situation where the opposition for example criticise the independent net election commission when they lose to NRM but praise it when they win and lately they have won more than NRM?

The ruling poses a dilemma for the opposition and also the international community. Were the 10 acting on some powerful interests? If so whose interests? In legal terms were they busy bodies or genuine litigants? Did they go to court with clean hands etc?

How can we or the international community say Uganda is a dictatorship when it has such an enlightened judiciary? That is the real challenge going forward.

I am not surprised by the ruling at all. I have said before that the constitutional court is okay. It has some very fine lawyers in their days.

Bottom line, YKM is actually the real winner. he may decide to let it go and then tell the world that Uganda has vibrant and independent judiciary. I think some of us predicated this outcome and said that YKM will in the end win.


Homosexuality law:I want to repeat what I said here when this draconian law was being enacted: whether it’s struck down as unconstitutional or it prevails legal challenges, Museveni still wins.We are a conservative nation, and as such, liberal accommodations like homosexuality receive minimal support in the country.

Moreover, Museveni’s narrative that the West is exporting this same-sex ideas into Uganda, makes his defense of African traditional cultures even more appealing to the majority of Ugandans.

So, Museveni brought up this homosexual law in time to prod his political base to canvas enough votes for 2016.

The upcoming appeals will likely complete just before or after the next elections. At that time, Museveni will be comfortably heading for re-election, or is about to be sworn-in for another term.

John Milton said that the major weakness of democracy is the ignorancy of the masses. He must have had Uganda in mind.

Pojim Edward.


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