Uganda is not ready for proposed burial policy

If ever there was an alien cultural practice being sneaked into Uganda, this policy is a stark evidence of it.Africans -nay, black Africans – are too attached to the departed relatives to see them off in such a programmed, casual manner.

If Museveni wants employees to balance personal family commitment and work responsibilities, he needs to work with Unions, Parliament and other stakeholders to come up with Personal Time Off guidelines.

The guidelines would spell out the number of days an employee may take off, and which family members are covered.

In US, forever, we have FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) under which I’m may take up to 12 weeks off to attend to myself (in case I fall sick), my child, spouse, parents, and any other person for whom I’m the main principal source of support.

In Uganda, we hold the same relationship value of extended family as we do of first-line family. That’s why we find it “entirely” acceptable, for example, to find a worker, Tom, taking off a few days to attend the funeral of his father’s sister’s mother-in-law!

This may sound strange to a westerner, but we have to preserve our culture.

Pojim Edward.
UAH member in USA


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