US opens Africa summit with call for political tolerance

US opens Africa summit with call for political tolerance but what puzzles me is the hypocrisy of the African leaders. They heap curses on Western leaders and openly claim that they are not to be lectured on or told what to do when they are asked to observe human rights, and if you had been asleep only to hear the conclusion of the speech of the African leader, you would regret missing the whole speech. You say, yes, men are speaking, kick imperial arse, yes.

Does that puzzle anyone? Yes, at least me. The puzzle here arises when no single African leader has rejected the invitation which basically was for proper and real lectures of what they must do. They are in Washington attentively listening, smiling, clapping even no point is put across, and nervously parting their official wives; and none is opposing what they are told. Oh, wait to hear what they will say when they return to their empires; they will curse and curse reminding Western capitals not to lecture to them. These people are hypocrites.They strike good poses with the US First family; a huge achievement for personal development, and are happy to share these photos with the Africans on facebook and elsewhere.

I would have expected something like: President Obama, since you are the one who wants to meet us, it is cheaper for you to come to our African Union (AU) headquarters to meet us. We are poor, at least that would save on our staggering and ailing economies, we are frugal now since you people accuse us of lavish spending; come and meet us here in Africa.” That would have been good but well coated resistance, though others could even openly refuse stating that Africa does not receive lectures from America, why did they not refuse? Because they are hypocrites and fear the West.

I am waiting to hear what they will say during the press conferences; how I wish the Kateregas and Sarah Kagingo of the many countries could ask real questions not such stuff like, “Mr. President, I have tough questions for you: H.E., how was your trip to Washington, DC? The next question is, “Did you like the trip?” Thank you Mr. President!

True, there is never a time in history when those colonialists or neo-colonialists have come to order us to elect so and so. We are the ones who run around drumming when one dictator is driven away and replaced by another. For example, in Uganda we saw regime change and suffering of goal-posts shifted from region to region, as usual, with the electorate clapping and dancing. The colonialists are nowhere to be seen, meaning even if they have a hand to play, they do it far away, so why don’t our people look around and notice that the masters are away, so let us mourn instead of celebrating, that is what an intelligent person can do. If it is duress, I may do as I am told but without enthusiasm, I will be reluctant and sabotage the act at the earliest possible opportunity. Why blame the foreigners when we are the same harming our own?

When an African president sleeps during cabinet session, it is the West to blame; when an African minister for works and transportation cancels a contract awarded to a firm, it is the West to blame; when the West withdraw their grants because they have been diverted to another area not in the agreement, it is the West to blame. The lists of blame go on and on; unfortunately, the people who should be steadfast in their analysis are the very ones heaping blame on outsiders, because it is easy to blame an outsider, but will that solve your problem, unfortunately, it will never.

Issue of tribe, region and to some extent, religion give us to support any poor leader simply because he comes from one’s tribe. Why not take such a leader to mismanage your tribe and leave the rest of the country, if you like his poor leadership style.Blame the electorate, yes, we carry the blame.

Peter Simon


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