US OPENS AFRICA SUMMIT:If we had enlightened leadership in Africa, this conference would not be necessary

If we had enlightened leadership in Africa, this conference would not be necessary.

It’s a sad commentary of how pathetic our leaders are that some 50-plus years after we supposed gained political independence, Africa remains a beggar continent that robotically answers to summons by Washington, London or Beijing.

Make no mistake here, all these autocrats, despots, kleptomaniacs and murderers are openly grateful that they were invited to this conference! It’s that pitiful.This group knows one thing, and only one thing: to steal from their people.So, at election time, who gets to the ballot: a candidate approved by the west, or the one chosen by the people?

Some of You say that Africa matters. I agree, but only in as far as natural resources go. Outside of what the west and now China can plunder from us, Africa is easily inconsequential.

I would rather hold the African electorate responsible for voting mediocrity into office. We do elect pathetic leaders because we are more concerned about our tribe, religion or business interests than the qualifications and leadership CV of the candidates.

And unless and until we start to place more premium of national objectives than parochial subjective matters, we will continue to elect mediocre, brutal, corrupt and murderous leaders.

Pojim Edward.



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  1. Pojim Edward,

    “We voted for peace.”
    BJ. Rubin.

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