UNAA must be saved, UNAA must be cleaned, UNAA must be …………

In his response to one of the questions which was asked as to why after the promises which were made way back in January promising to release the venue for next year’s UNAA convention, Mr. Kwesiga, blamed the delay on the fact that some members of the “Council laid their tools and walked away!”

Without explaining why some Council member’s chose to “walk away…” Brian Kwesiga, went on to solicit for more help in San Diego during his convention because his Executive is “Short handed!”

What the UNAA President does not and will not explain to the unsuspecting listeners and a handful of his remaining followers is that it is the duty and responsibility of the UNAA Executive to select the convention host city, not the Council as he intentionally chose to mislead his THIRTY members of the audience who called in yesterday during his first “UNAA Town Hall” meeting. Thanks for the UNAAcauses team from whom Kwesiga borrowed a leaf of the need for reaching out via “Town Hall” meetings.

It is always anybody else and everybody else who have been in the wrong! Brian Kwesiga and his team of advisers see nothing wrong in whatever they have been doing for almost one full year of violating and abusing the organizations constitution. If only Kwesiga, was to take account of his mistakes and own up to his mistakes and arrogance, UNAA’s negative image and a divided organization would have been a different story today. Like his boss Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is known for calling his opponents, “Swine, empty headed,….belong six feet under….” Brian Kwesiga, was heard yesterday addressing elected UNAA Council member [8] who are opposed to his misrule as ” Narrow-minded….!”

Assuming that the founders of UNAACauses who have successfully organized THREE “Town Hall” Meetings with a record attendance of the highest having been 110 callers plus compared to Kwesiga’s THIRTY with his Executive combined, surely, the “Narrow-minded” must be doing something attractive that the “Broad-minded’ needs to emulate!

But that is not all, when the “Narrow-Minded” a derogatory remark which is not the first from Kwesiga’s camp towards his fellow UNAA leaders, decided to openly oppose his constitutional abuse and decided to negotiate an alternatively affordable Hotel next door to the Hyatt, the self styled “Broad-Minded” said the hotel would never fill up in fact his surrogates did everything they could including and not limited to calling in the hotel to make bogus reservations using fake names. In spite of all the old village like rotten antiques, the Marriott has been filled with registered with members interested in making an impact in the future of UNAA by advancing the core values of what the actual Causes of UNAA are.

During yesterdays Town hall meeting, it was also alleged by some planted confusing agents that UNAACauses is “Illegal!” and only out there to confuse people! If truth be told, UNAACauses is legitimate. The pressure group is constitutionally bound under UNAA constitution. Just like Brian’s UNAA is partnership with so many indigenous organizations, the UNAACauses as a pressure group is in partnership with some locally owned Church groups in the Sn Diego area which Church groups will be holding Church Services and “All night prayers” alongside the Festival programs.

Indeed, as the idiom goes, “When it rains, it pours…!” Out of desperation, a lot has been said, many prophets of doom have surfaced and vanished in thin air because fighting the truth based on falsehood and manipulation cannot succeed given the determination and will of members behind the protracted war against such evils as, nepotism, fraud, lies and deception and dictatorship. It is always a matter of time. And the time is now for the Grand Ayatollah’s of UNAA and their puppets to smell the coffee.

UNAA must be saved, UNAA must be cleaned, UNAA must be brought back to it’s original values, objectives and Causes.

RevJoseph Kamugisha.

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